Republican Election Results Tonight: Arizona Primary, Utah Caucuses, Cuurent Delegate Count

While they lose in Utah , the Democratic and Republican frontrunners are expected to win in Arizona . Because Democratic delegates are awarded proportionally in all states, Clinton will keep adding to her delegate total even if she is not the victor in a given state. [Full Article...]

GOP Primaries: Trump Will Win Arizona: Cruz Takes Utah

The voting gives the candidates another opportunity to pile up delegates on the way to the Republican and Democratic conventions but is not expected to alter the basic outlines of the race. "Overall", writes the data-analysis site FiveThirtyEight , "our average response suggests that Trump will win 513 delegates the rest of the way". [Full Article...]

Brussels Terror Attacks: Locations, Map & Timeline

Brussels Terror Attacks: Locations, Map & Timeline We were fearing terrorist attacks, and that has now happened. - Shortly before 0900 GMT: The European Commission tells staff to stay home or in their offices, and a similar appeal is later made by the Belgian crisis centre to all Brussels residents. [Full Article...]

Microsoft Surface Phone: All that we know about it so far

After months of announcements and discussion going, Microsoft finally released the OS upgrade for select Windows Phone 8.1 devices. The American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, said in the past that all Lumia devices that run on Windows 8 will be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile OS. [Full Article...]

Zika virus cases in Florida up to 66

Zika virus cases in Florida up to 66 The first case of the Zika virus has been reported in the state of CT, according to the state Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. . The patient, aged 60 to 69, had a skin rash, conjunctivitis, headache, fatigue, chills and muscle aches, and is now recovering, according to the health department. [Full Article...]

Bernie Sanders in Seattle, Washington state this weekend

Bernie Sanders in Seattle, Washington state this weekend Sanders is giving no sign of any intention to give up , and he remaining in the race might even be to Clinton's benefit should she win the nomination. Though I prefer Ted Cruz , if it comes down to a choice between Trump vs. Clinton, I'll vote for Trump. Ohio was the only state that Trump lost to Ohio Governor John Kasich. [Full Article...]

Trump Protester Punched and Kicked at Tucson Rally

Trump Protester Punched and Kicked at Tucson Rally Last weekend, a man was arrested when he attempted to rush the stage where Trump was addressing the audience at a rally in Ohio. Trump has called for a ban on all Muslims entering the USA, just one example of rhetoric by the candidate that has sparked controversy on the 2016 campaign trail. [Full Article...]

London City Airport flights to France cancelled and delayed due to strikes

London City Airport flights to France cancelled and delayed due to strikes Air passengers face travel misery today after flights were cancelled or delayed because of ongoing industrial action by French aviation workers. Robin Kiely, head of communications at Ryanair , said the strikes were "unwarranted" and "grossly unfair". [Full Article...]

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 12: Meredith Wants Jo, Alex To End Up Together

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 12: Meredith Wants Jo, Alex To End Up Together Viewers learn that Dr. Thorpe from the military hospital tried calling Meredith after she gave him her number at the end of last week's Episode 13, but Meredith has been avoiding his calls . In addition, the upcoming episode also welcomes a legendary actress as one of the show's guest stars. Thursday night, the American channel ABC broadcast the fourteenth episode of the twelfth season of G... [Full Article...]

Anti-Trump protesters gather in Arizona rally

Anti-Trump protesters gather in Arizona rally Although the protesters marched to the skyscraper where Trump lives, the real estate mogul wasn't there. "I'm seeing people who I previously thought of as leaders of our community supporting Trump". Though New Yorkers won't cast their primary votes until April 19, more than 5,000 people RSVP'd to a  Facebook invitation  for Saturday's New York protest, which stated that "Trump's policies threaten ... [Full Article...]

Man arrested for assault inside Donald Trump rally

The protesters parked their cars in the middle of the road Saturday, unfurling banners with anti-Trump slogans and chanting "Trump is hate". The announcement from Romney, the faith's most visible member, dealt a blow to Kasich as he campaigned in the heart of Mormon country. [Full Article...]

California primary could seal the deal for Donald Trump

California primary could seal the deal for Donald Trump As of Wednesday afternoon, Trump had won 25 district delegates and Cruz had won five, with two districts yet to be determined. While Gov. Rick Scott has thrown his support behind Donald Trump and called on Florida Republicans to unite behind the brash real estate tycoon, Marco Rubio loyalists just aren't there yet. [Full Article...]

Dick Morris: Kasich in Secret Deal to Help Trump Win GOP Nomination

Dick Morris: Kasich in Secret Deal to Help Trump Win GOP Nomination If Marco Rubio wins Florida and John Kasich wins OH, their victories would go a long way toward making sure that no one gets the 1,237 delegates needed to lock up the nomination before the convention. "I'm for Paul Ryan to be our nominee". In nearly any other primary cycle this would be more than enough to end the contest and have the party unify around its chosen nominee. [Full Article...]

Refugees stranded in Greece attempt to cross river into Macedonia

For every migrant returned, the European Union will accept one Syrian refugee from Turkey. Several hundred migrants found shelter in a deserted farm in the area. Those now stranded in Greece express worries that any new EU-Turkey agreement would render their expensive, grueling efforts to reach Western Europe futile. [Full Article...]

Liverpool Reaches Europa League Quarterfinals With Draw Vs

Check back here from 3:45 p.m. EDT for live score updates and video highlights from the heavyweight encounter at Old Trafford . I think we have a good example of how we have to play. Much was made of the atmosphere at Anfield last week, which harked back to the famous nights of the past, with the roar from the Kop as loud as it has been for a long time . [Full Article...]

Oil prices rise slightly as oversupply concerns mount again

However, oil prices have been retreating from the start of this week after Iran stated it is determined to keep raising its output to pre-sanction levels before it would consider freezing production. South Korea's imports of Iranian crude oil surged 91 percent in February from a year earlier with the United States lifting sanctions on Tehran in January, customs data showed on Tuesday. [Full Article...]

King Tut's Tomb: New Scans Reveal "Discovery of the Century"

Mamdouh el-Damaty, Egypt's antiquities minister, said the preliminary scan showed a 90 per cent chance of "two hidden rooms behind the burial chamber". The sarcophagus of King Tutankhamun is displayed inside his small tomb in the Valley of the Kings . Egyptian authorities frown upon scientists and archeologists disturbing anything that relates to Ancient Egypt. [Full Article...]

Syrian Army Close to Liberating Palmyra With Russia's Air Support

Syrian Army Close to Liberating Palmyra With Russia's Air Support On Tuesday several Russian bombers and jets reportedly left Syria following Putin's announcement. He emphasized that the Russian military will be ready to use an array of air defense missile systems it has in Syria "against any targets that would threaten our servicemen". [Full Article...]

Argentina sinks Chinese fishing boat

Argentina sinks Chinese fishing boat A video posted on the website of the Coast Guard shows a massive Chinese ship on the high seas, apparently chased by the police. They remained in custody and were to go before a federal judge in southern Chubut province, the statement said. [Full Article...]

Nancy Reagan's body lies in repose at Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Nancy Reagan's body lies in repose at Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Reagan, draped with her favorite white roses and peonies, is being guarded by members of the Ventura County Sheriff's Department, the Ventura County Fire Department and the Simi Valley Police Department. Ryan approached the casket, bowed his head in prayer and made the sign of the cross before leaving. Dillard was accompanied by his daughters, Bobbie Eldridge and Tina Choate and his 3-year-old g... [Full Article...]

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