Trump, Obama e Hillary fondatori Isis

Trump, Obama e Hillary fondatori Isis A introdurre Trump sul palco è stato a sorpresa il presidente del Republican National Committee , Reince Priebus, che in privato non ha nascosto la sua frustrazione per le azioni di Trump nelle ultime settimane. Hillary Clinton e Bill Clinton hanno guadagnato 10,6 milioni di dollari lordi nel 2015 e pagato 3,6 milioni di dollari in tasse federali. "E' il fondatore! Ha fondato Isis". [Full Article...]

Final day of swimming in Rio, 4 golds to be won

Michael Phelps suffered a shock defeat in the pool as Singapore's Joseph Schooling beat the American in the 100m butterfly. Anthony Ervin became the oldest victor of an individual Olympic swimming medal at 35 when he won the 50-meter freestyle a full 16 years after he won it a first time at the Sydney Games as a teenager. [Full Article...]

S.Korea MPs defy president with China visit

The polarization at the Council may present a tough challenge for the permanent members, five in total, in adopting a new statement condemning North Korea's test-firing of ballistic missiles last Wednesday, one of which landed in Japanese territorial waters. [Full Article...]

Another Zika case reported outside Miami's transmission zone

Michelle Davis, the health commissioner, said in the statement that "it has been 33 weeks since the first Zika case was confirmed in the USVI". In a late-afternoon conference call, Stewart said as part of a "spill the water campaign", classroom materials were being distributed to teachers and administrators across the state so that they can encourage students "to take simple steps in order to help... [Full Article...]

A Look At Hillary Clinton's Economic Speech

A Look At Hillary Clinton's Economic Speech Ms Clinton says her jobs and tax plans will better help middle-class Americans than Trump's. Instead, China has made its exports cheaper and imports more expensive, propped up its companies with government money and made it more hard for American goods to get into China. [Full Article...]

Sacramento-Bound JetBlue Flight Hits Crazy Turbulence, Puts Two Dozen In Hospital

A cross-country JetBlue flight bound for Sacramento, Calif., was forced to divert to South Dakota after hitting severe turbulence, and passengers described the plane suddenly plunging as people went flying. As if you needed another reason to stay on the ground this week, a JetBlue plane flying from Boston to Sacramento Thursday night hit such bad turbulence that passengers were launched out of the... [Full Article...]

Turkey says will work with Iran on Syria

Turkey says will work with Iran on Syria During his joint presser with Cavusoglu, the Iranian foreign minister said Tehran and Ankara have a common goal to improve cooperation on the fight against terrorism and extremism despite their differences on some issues. A delegation of the U.S. Department of Justice will visit Turkey on August 22 to discuss Fethullah Gulen's extradition, Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said on August 12, S... [Full Article...]

Trump tries to wreck the political system

Trump tries to wreck the political system Asked specifically about USA citizens, Trump said he didn't like that President Barack Obama and others wanted to try them in traditional courts rather than military commissions at Guantanamo Bay. Trump simply stated, "I don't care... with his bad policies, that's why ISIS came about". McCain's plane was shot down over Vietnam in 1976, and he spent 6 years held by North Vietnamese forces as... [Full Article...]

Sanchez makes good case for QB job, Broncos beat Bears 22-0

He's got an energy. "Once we get the fundamentals straight, we'll see if we can graduate from Algebra to Calculus, schematically". Jeffery should be highly motivated playing under the franchise tag and eying a longterm contract. Avenatti said his clients are from a variety of states, including Wisconsin and IN, who came to see the Packers play the Colts. Callahan played nickel back in his firs... [Full Article...]

India snubs Pakistan on Kashmir

India snubs Pakistan on Kashmir He was responding to a question on Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif writing to the UN Secretary General and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, urging for efforts to end the "persistent and egregious violation of the basic human rights" of the Kashmiri people and also to implement UN Security Council resolutions. [Full Article...]

Iowa landowners seek immediate halt to pipeline construction

Iowa landowners seek immediate halt to pipeline construction Members of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation are concerned that the pipeline could potentially contaminate their drinking water and damage sacred lands. The landowners are risking losing their land to eminent domain laws that would allow the government to take their land in exchange for fair-market compensation, whether they like it or not. [Full Article...]

Turkish jets attack PKK in northern Iraq after attacks

Another three people - two civilians and one policeman - lost their lives in a near-simultaneous vehicle bombing in Kiziltepe in Mardin province to the south, said Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan, quoted by the state-run Anadolu news agency. [Full Article...]

Katherine Grainger 'won't put family through another Olympics'

Katherine Grainger 'won't put family through another Olympics' Over the past two decades Grainger has managed to combine advanced academic studies with a career in competitive rowing. Grainger, 40, who won gold at London 2012 and silvers in Sydney, Athens and Beijing, was only paired with 28-year-old Thornley last year. [Full Article...]

Macy's plans to close 100 stores, boost online investment

Neil Saunders, CEO of research firm Conlumino, said the Macy's move was "sensible", but largely the result of a "self-inflicted defeat". Saks also just rolled out new technology from a startup called Salesfloor that delivers personalized service for its online shoppers. [Full Article...]

Ex-Trump staffer sues campaign, alleges gun incident in North Carolina

Ex-Trump staffer sues campaign, alleges gun incident in North Carolina Earl Phillip, the North Carolina state director for Trump's campaign, allegedly pointed a pistol at five fellow aides during his time with the campaign while senior staff members ignored complaints from victims. "Once the initial shock wore off, Vincent said, 'What the f-- are you doing?'" Phillip said Thursday that he's hired a lawyer. He would wait for his victims to show fear and then calmly ... [Full Article...]

Woman killed by Florida officer in academy exercise

The Punta Gorda police chief says he is taking full responsibility after one of his officers shot and killed a woman during a police "shoot/don't shoot" demonstration. Officers involved in most citizen academies don't typically even bring service weapons into classes, he added. He has been with the department since March 2014, where he worked as a K-9 officer and moved frequently throughout the co... [Full Article...]

Arkansas officer who was shot in neck has died

Arkansas officer who was shot in neck has died Sebastian County Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck told NBC News that Jones may have been wearing body armor. The officers were shot while responding to a call in western Arkansas. Marine, as "dynamic". The source revealed that, the man is named as Billy Jones, the 34-year-old gun-wielding suspect, was taken into custody hours after barricading himself inside the house, authorities said. [Full Article...]

Philippines, Japan to China: Respect law in sea row

Philippines, Japan to China: Respect law in sea row Yasay urged China to make sure that maritime order and security and the rule of law are "completely and uncompromisingly" respected. Beijing-run media today warned Vietnam about military deployment in the South China Sea by reminding it that the last time the two countries went to war it was China that won. [Full Article...]

China slams illegal Nansha Islands launchers

China slams illegal Nansha Islands launchers The move is created to counter China's build-up on its seven reclaimed islands in the Spratlys archipelago. It also lost its remaining hold on the still disputed Paracel Islands in 1974, when South Vietnamese troops were evicted by Chinese forces. [Full Article...]

Erdogan blames 'foreign powers' for coup and says West is supporting terrorism

In an address for foreign investors in Ankara which was broadcast by the TRT network, Mr Erdogan said: "I have to say that this was done by foreign powers". Concerning the coup plotters and those who had been arrested, Erdogan said that they won't feel sorry for the detainees because they threaten Turkey. [Full Article...]

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