Turkey says to fully support operation to retake Syria's Jarablus

Turkey says to fully support operation to retake Syria's Jarablus Relations between the two countries have been souring over the past few weeks. "This does not comply with honesty or sincerity". "We can not remain insensitive to this attitude supporting terrorism". Later, Heinz-Christian Strache, leader of Austria's far-right Freedom Party, compared the Turkish president's post-coup crackdown to the 1933 Reichstag fire in Germany that was used by then-chance... [Full Article...]

BJP pulls up 'goddess of corruption' Mayawati

BJP pulls up 'goddess of corruption' Mayawati Pathak, who became the second high-profile leader after Swami Prasad Maurya to join the BJP, also lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership. "Dalits need action and not emotions when they are attacked", she said, asking how BJP promised to bring law and order in a big state like UP when they could not do so in Delhi. [Full Article...]

Jeremy Corbyn's Westminster Pledge As Ballot Papers Sent Out

Owen Smith pledged to give Labour party members a "binding vote" on the party's manifesto today, during a speech in his home town. The result of this belligerence is that Labour got walloped again at the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections, where the Labour vote was reduced to a tiny hard-core of Labour Party loyalists. [Full Article...]

Town raises money for the families of 5 slain

Although his motive is unclear, Dearman allegedly tracked down his girlfriend, broke into the house where she was hiding, and killed everyone there except his girlfriend and a 3-year-old child, both of whom he then reportedly kidnapped. Someone inside the house said Dearman was trespassing. Authorities told NBC news that one of the multiple weapons used in the attacks was possibly an ax. [Full Article...]

Coup 'mastermind' Gulen's terror organisation has infiltrated India, claims Turkey foreign minister

President Tayyip Erdogan accuses Gulen - a former ally of the Turkish strongman who has lived in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania since 1999 - of masterminding the attempted coup and has called on Washington to extradite him. Senior White House officials told CNN they were working in "lock-step" with counterparts in Turkey to ensure all evidence is received in the Gulen case. [Full Article...]

Turkish president condemns bomb attack as 50 confirmed dead

The Islamic State group was the "likely perpetrator" of the bomb attack in Gaziantep late on Saturday that targeted a celebration attended by many Kurds, he said. We don't know numbers of injured, ' said Erdogan, a ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) lawmaker for Gaziantep. The sickening attack is the deadliest bombing this year in Turkey , which faces threats from militants at home and ... [Full Article...]

Iraq executes 36 ISIS militants over 2014 massacre

Iraq executes 36 ISIS militants over 2014 massacre As many as 1,700 soldiers were killed two years ago after they fled from Camp Speicher, a former US military base just north of Saddam Hussein's home town of Tikrit, when it was overrun by ISIS. More than 15,00 of Saad's comrades were killed in the incident. "The executions of 36 convicted over the Speicher crime were carried out this morning in Nasiriyah prison", a spokesman for the governor's ... [Full Article...]

Somalia car bombing kills 5 at gate of regional government

Somalia car bombing kills 5 at gate of regional government Somalia's al Shabaab militant group has claimed responsibility for twin suicide bombs in the country's Puntland region. "More than 10 people have been killed", said police officer Mohamed Abdiqani. The town, unlike other parts of the country where al-Shabab continues a deadly campaign, rarely sees such attacks. The jihadists have also staged repeated attacks in neighbouring Kenya. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump to receive first security briefing

Donald Trump to receive first security briefing Trump, who will be accompanied by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, is receiving the briefing as a matter of custom for presidential nominees who emerge from the two major parties after their conventions. Others described significant "trepidation" throughout the intelligence world over the prospect of a Trump presidency. Yet the reaction on Twitter to Mr Trump'... [Full Article...]

Suspect in Georgia police officer killing captured

Suspect in Georgia police officer killing captured His sister, Frashawn Shanae Deeds, and a passenger, Jamil Mitchell, were also arrested. The suspects are now waiting for Georgia authorities to pick them up. Scott Whitley, special agent in charge of the Eastman GBI office, said Smith was answering a call about a man with a gun behaving suspiciously. Both suspects were eventually arrested, Wallace said. [Full Article...]

Child bomber in Turkey not the only violent use of children

Erdogan, in his address, said it was clear the Islamic State had an organization in Gaziantep "or was attempting to make room for itself", the AP reported. The Pope prayed for the victims and the injured, and "for the gift of peace for all". Gurcan said in an email to The Associated Press that IS has been trying to agitate or exploit ethnic and religious tensions in Turkey, and "we know very w... [Full Article...]

Urjit Patel To Succeed Raghuram Rajan As RBI Governor; Effective Sept. 4

The appointment was made on the recommendation of Financial Sector Regulatory Appointments Search Committee (FSRASC) led by Cabinet Secretariat. Urjit Patel will be replacing as 24th RBI governor, said government on Saturday. He will assume office on September 4 - the day when Dr Rajan demits office. But Mr Patel takes over at a time when consumer inflation has risen above that range, accele... [Full Article...]

Labour councillors sign letter backing Owen Smith in leadership contest

Labour councillors sign letter backing Owen Smith in leadership contest I also want to thank all those who helped with the smooth running of the meeting". "A decision will be made on the leadership of the party and we will support that decision, but we are giving our backing to Jeremy Corbyn". "We are beginning to treat each other in a deeply uncomradely fashion". When pushed on whether he would sign off on the United Kingdom going to the aid of a Nato ally, he sa... [Full Article...]

Aung San Suu Kyi visits Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an

Aung San Suu Kyi visits Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an Myanmar's State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi hold a talk with Chinese President Xi Jinping, at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing , China, Friday, Aug. "Contrary to the subjective view that a democratic Myanmar will lean toward the West, Suu Kyi's visit to China carries significant weight", commentator Wang Wenwen wrote in the Global Times newspaper. [Full Article...]

Judge orders Clinton to answer questions on email use

It also recommended no charges against her, although director James Comey called her use of private email "extremely careless". According to Conason's book, it was at this dinner that Powell told Clinton to use a personal email account. [Full Article...]

Reconciliation deal with Israel approved by Turkish parliament

Reconciliation deal with Israel approved by Turkish parliament Relations between the former allies imploded in 2010 following an Israeli naval raid on a Turkish aid ship trying to breach Israel's blockade of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The ratification by parliament was expected last month, but was delayed because of a failed coup in Turkey. Footage taken from the "Mavi Marmara" security cameras, showing activists preparing to attack IDF soldiers, May... [Full Article...]

Third French mayor bans burqini

Five people were injured and three cars burned as the rival sides hurled stones and bottles. "I am absolutely not racist". "Here in France, we have a principle of secularism ... The French Human Rights League has labelled the ban an "abuse of law" and said politicians needed to calm their "discriminatory fervour and defend the spirit of the republic". [Full Article...]

Occupation detains 14 Palestinians in West Bank

But camp resident Amen al-Bayed said Abu Hashhash was not participating in the clashes when an Israeli soldier shot him in the chest. Israeli army soldiers search Palestinians at a checkpoint during clashes in the West Bank Al-Fawwar refugee camp, south of Hebron August 16, 2016. [Full Article...]

Japanese-produced CG Godzilla movie coming soon from anime's hottest scriptwriter

Japanese-produced CG Godzilla movie coming soon from anime's hottest scriptwriter While this will be the first feature animated film starring Godzilla, the oversized monster did appear in two animated series. As of right now, the film is simply titled Godzilla , with only a generic sci-fi teaser image providing any clues as to what the film might be about. [Full Article...]

AP CM, Jagan congratulate Sindhu on her silver medal

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and Leader of Opposition Y S Jaganmohan Reddy joined the nation in congratulating P V Sindhu on winning silver medal in badminton at the Rio Olympics. Sindhu kept earning points, hitting one smash after another to enjoy a comfortable ride. "Definitely I feel that I've a chance", Sindhu said. Sindhu went on to win several titled in the under-10 an... [Full Article...]

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