Here's Why Hillary Clinton Talked About Racism and the Alt-Right Today

Trump dismissed Clinton's accusations in New Hampshire earlier Thursday, saying that she "paints decent Americans as racists". Hillary Clinton vigorously defended her family's foundation against Donald Trump's criticism on Friday and declared she's confident there will be no new blockbuster accusations on the foundation, her emails or anything else that could undermine her chances of defeating h... [Full Article...]

North Korea's Kim praises submarine launch test as a success

But in North Korea's state media Thursday, the apparently successful launch was cause for major celebration. Several photos in North Korea's official Rodong Sinmun newspaper showed the missile soaring into the sky and the ruler smiling and embracing officials who were with him. [Full Article...]

Manuel Neuer 'saddened' by Bastian Schweinsteiger exile at Manchester United

And the summer signings of Paul Pogba and Henrikh Mkhitaryan have led to him slipping down the pecking order. Mourinho admitted, " When everyone thinks we will win comfortably, even the players can start to think that although it is a gift, it's not the gift they want ". [Full Article...]

Syria and Islamic State blamed for chemical attacks

The JIM investigated nine cases in seven towns where an OPCW fact-finding mission found that chemical weapons had likely been used. One of the Chlorine attacks took place in Talmenes, in the Idlib governorate, on 21 April, 2014 and the other in Sarmin, in the same province, on 16 March, 2015, JIM found. [Full Article...]

Sarah Jessica Parker cuts ties with EpiPen after price hike

Under this plan, Mylan will double the eligibility for its patient assistance program, which will slash out-of-pocket costs for uninsured and under-insured patients and families. The last time I refilled my EpiPen, in November, I paid $365.63 out of pocket for two auto-injectors. Someone from Mylan talked with his Chief of Staff, but he's is still waiting for her to answer his letter , Gras... [Full Article...]

Striking miners kill deputy minister in Bolivia

A senior Bolivian politician has been beaten to death by an angry mob of striking mineworkers, officials say. The post Bolivian Deputy Minister of Interior "beaten to death" by Striking Miners appeared first on SIGNAL. At midday, Illanes said on his Twitter account: "My health is fine, my family can be calm". We hope that the perpetrators and masterminds of the murder of the Deputy Ministe... [Full Article...]

Zika spread through sex by man with no symptoms

The Florida Department of Health is awaiting test results on five samples collected in Palm Beach County after a Lake Worth woman contracted Zika locally. There have been no cases of Zika related to blood transfusions in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He believes that while Naled can carry risks, the risk of Zika is much worse. [Full Article...]

Zimbabwe protests broken up despite court permission

President Robert Mugabe has come under huge pressure with church-based organisations calling on Parliament to move a motion to impeach him if he fails to resolve the economic crisis immediately. "Zimbabweans are beginning to say enough is enough", said another opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai at a press conference after the demonstration was dispersed. [Full Article...]

Polish Olympic medallist sells his medal to save three-year-old boy battling cancer

Polish Olympic medallist sells his medal to save three-year-old boy battling cancer Malachowski didn't say how much the medal was sold for, but he did say the buyers "declared their willingness to buy my silver medal for an amount which enables us to meet the goal set". "Today, I call on all people - let us fight together for something that is even more valuable". The bids came in, and by Tuesday, the highest offer was roughly $19,000, still far short of the $126,000 needed for... [Full Article...]

7 killed in Somalia beach restaurant attack

Somali policemen stand guard outside Daru Shifa hospital near an ambulance ferrying an Al-Shabaab fighter injured during an exchange of gunfire in Mogadishu on August 25, 2016. Seeking to impose an austere Islamic rule on the country, The Shabaab is fighting to overthrow the internationally-backed government in Mogadishu . [Full Article...]

Kerry and Lavrov arrive in Geneva for talks on Syria

The main topic of discussions is the coordination between Russian and the U.S. in the fight against terrorists in Syria, says the report. The United States and Russian Federation failed on Friday to reach a breakthrough deal on military cooperation and a nationwide cessation of hostilities in Syria but said they had a few "narrow" issues to resolve before an agreement could be announced. [Full Article...]

Uber and Volvo Bringing Driverless Cars to Ride-Sharing Program

Uber and Volvo Bringing Driverless Cars to Ride-Sharing Program And even when Uber starts charging, Kalanick projects that process will eventually be so low that trips in a driverless Uber vehicle will be cheaper than in a private auto. "The alliance marks the beginning of what both companies view as a longer term industrial partnership", said a Volvo press release . Volvo is a leader in vehicle development and best-in-class when it comes to safety. [Full Article...]

Four Iranian vessels intercept US destroyer around Strait of Hormuz

In one incident Wednesday, the patrol ship USS Squall fired warning shots at an Iranian vessel during a patrol in the Arabian Gulf. The incident was one of many interactions between Iranian and American ships in and around the Persian Gulf in recent months. [Full Article...]

London flight delayed for hour as easyJet crew members argue

London flight delayed for hour as easyJet crew members argue The delay to the scheduled 2.30pm flight sparked fury among those due to fly, with passengers taking to social media to express their outrage. In a series of tweets , easyJet passenger and professional broadcaster Dan Lobb described the events. [Full Article...]

Kurdish rebels attack soldiers guarding Turkish opposition party leader

Kurdish rebels attack soldiers guarding Turkish opposition party leader Its driver was seriously hurt, while two other soldiers were slightly wounded. He sent tanks across the border into Syria on Thursday on a mission that appeared to be meant to stop Syrian Kurds he links to the PKK occupying border areas being yielded by Islamic State fighters. [Full Article...]

UN spokesman welcomes French burkini ruling

Vallaud-Belkacem, who is of Moroccan origin, took issue with the wording of the ban in Nice which linked the measure to the jihadist truck attack in the resort last month in which 86 people were killed. France's top court struck down a push by local governments to ban the "burkini" from the nation's beaches, saying the Muslim-style full-body swimming outfits don't create a public threat that j... [Full Article...]

Texas college students rally against gun law with sex toys

Students of the University of Texas protested a law that states students are now allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus, by distributing wearing and waving sex toys #CocksNotGlocks . "I think it demeans their opposition", said Sullivan. "We'll just have to work for what we hope will be a trial down the road. Neither the Campus Carry Law nor the Campus Carry Policy forbids them from doin... [Full Article...]

Turkey Launches Airstrikes, Artillery Fire In Cross-Border Incursion Into Syria

Turkey Launches Airstrikes, Artillery Fire In Cross-Border Incursion Into Syria The Syrian Democratic Forces is a US-backed alliance. Turkey has emphasised the offensive was also aimed at the YPG, which Ankara sees as a terror group intent on carving out an autonomous region in Syria. Vice-President Joe Biden , who flew into Ankara hours after the offensive on Wednesday, warned that the Syrian Kurdish forces will lose USA support unless they retreat east of the Euphrates. [Full Article...]

At least 10 dead in American University attack in Kabul

The ministry said 36 people were wounded, including nine police officers. More were injured. Seven hundred people were rescued. CBS News journalist Ahmad Mukhtar said he and some acquaintances escaped but several others, including professors, were trapped inside university buildings. [Full Article...]

Louisiana governor: Donald Trump's visit 'helpful'

Additional details will be announced in the coming days. "Right now, the relief effort can't afford any distractions", said the statement . Trump may make sarcastic jokes about how he's not playing golf, hur hur, but the reality is that he is once again making a nuisance of himself at the expense of others. [Full Article...]

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