Bangladesh police kill 3, including suspect in Dhaka attack

Sohel Mahmud, an assistant professor of Forensic Department of Dhaka Medical College Hospital, said the three succumbed to their injuries as they sustained bullet wounds in their heads. Kerry will have a working lunch with his Bangladesh counterpart Mahmood Ali at state guesthouse Padma at 1:10pm. The families of both men, and other hostages who were released, say the attackers forced the men to... [Full Article...]

At Least 13 Dead After Attack On American University Of Afghanistan

There has been no public claim of responsibility, but the AP reports that the Afghan government suspects Taliban involvement. President Ashraf Ghani laid the blame on neighboring Pakistan, accusing it of supporting the Taliban in sanctuaries across the border, and saying the attack had been "organized" in Pakistan. [Full Article...]

Duterte to United Nations: I'm the President

The unforgiving campaign against illegal drugs had turned violent and bloody, as the "shoot to kill" policy was implemented in order to punish the people involved with drugs. Human rights groups have expressed alarm over the killings, and United Nations -appointed human rights experts have warned that steps should be taken to halt the violence, adding that the government and law enforcers could be... [Full Article...]

France restaurant refuses to serve Muslim women

France restaurant refuses to serve Muslim women The incident took place at Le Cenacle restaurant in Tremblay-en-France on Saturday night and follows a series of incidents in which grandmothers and mothers have been thrown off public beaches in France for wearing Islamic looking clothing. [Full Article...]

Kerry urges Bangladesh to step up efforts against terrorism

Kerry urges Bangladesh to step up efforts against terrorism Kennedy Center in Dhaka . Kerry confirmed on his Twitter account that during the meetings were addressed security issues. The July 1 attack on Dhaka's Holey Artisan Bakery "was an outrage clearly created to divide Bangladesh, created to try to cut off this welcoming society from the outside world", he said. [Full Article...]

Turkey announces clearing Syrian area of terrorists

Turkey, which is battling a Kurdish insurgency on its soil, has said its campaign has a dual goal of "cleansing" the region of Islamic State and stopping Kurdish forces filling the void and extending the area they control near Turkey's border. [Full Article...]

Comedic legend Gene Wilder dead at 83

Comedic legend Gene Wilder dead at 83 That same year, he made both his off-Broadway and Broadway debuts. Blazing Saddles , Willy Wonka , are CLINICS on comic acting. Devastated by the loss, he only worked intermittently after that, starring in his own sitcom in 1994 ( Something Wilder ) and winning an Emmy in 2003 for a recurring guest stint on Will and Grace . [Full Article...]

Pyongyang elated over success of SLBM launch

The sense of confidence exhibited by the North was palpable in the report. That is why experts say the successful development of an SLBM program in the North could be problematic for Japan, the United States, and South Korea because SLBMs are hard to intercept by current missile defense systems, including the Patriot Advanced Capability (PAC-3), the SM 3 and the Terminal High Altitude Area Defen... [Full Article...]

Lightning strike kills more than 300 reindeer in Norway

Lightning strike kills more than 300 reindeer in Norway They determined 322 reindeer were killed, all in a concentrated area where "they certainly were standing tightly together", Nylend said . The site is desolate, located a sizable distance away from the nearest mountains trail. It has not yet been determined whether the dead reindeer will be left where they are or removed. SOME 322 Reindeer were killed after lightning struck them during a storm i... [Full Article...]

Kerry heads to Bangladesh, India amid South Asian tensions

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but authorities maintain that a local banned group, Jumatul Mujahedeen Bangladesh, or JMB, was behind it. "In the past several months there has been an intensification of the dialogue" on security, a senior State Department official said ahead of the visit. [Full Article...]

Madison is top party school in US

Madison is top party school in US UW-Madison was also the nation's number-one party school in 2005, and is regularly on the top-20 list. The Princeton Review's 2017 list of the nation's top party schools has just been released, and taking the No.1 spot is the University of Wisconsin-Madison. [Full Article...]

Kidnapped Australian woman set free in Afghanistan, says Canberra

Kidnapped Australian woman set free in Afghanistan, says Canberra Kidnapping is a major problem in Afghanistan, where several foreigners have been abducted in recent years, although Afghans are the worst affected. Afghanistan's main intelligence agency the National Directorate of Security said Ms Wilson was released in a "special operation", without offering details. [Full Article...]

Uzbek leader in intensive care after brain haemorrhage - daughter

The statement further said only that in the opinion of the specialists a full medical examination and subsequent treatment will require a certain amount of time. Under Uzbekistan's constitution, the chairman of the Uzbek Senate takes over if the head of state dies. The Uzbek government has accused Islamists of being behind protests in the city of Andizhan where police and security forces fir... [Full Article...]

Half of Germans against Merkel serving fourth term

A series of violent attacks on civilians in July, two of which were claimed by Islamic State, have focuSsed attention on Merkel's open-door migrant policy, which allowed hundreds of thousands of migrants from the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere into Germany previous year. [Full Article...]

German economy minister says EU-US trade talks have failed

German economy minister says EU-US trade talks have failed At the time, President Francois Hollande said that he would "never accept" the deal because it abridges the sovereignty of France and the rest of Europe while disproportionately favoring USA agro-business. Germany's Vice Chancellor has said free trade negotiations between the European Union and the United States have failed , but "nobody is really admitting it". [Full Article...]

Germany expects fewer than 300000 refugees this year

The magazine said people close to Merkel feared that if she announced she would run for chancellor again without Seehofer's support, it would hurt her politically. Officials have spoken of more than a million arrivals in 2015, but Weise said the actual figure was likely lower once duplicate registrations and people who traveled on to other countries are excluded. [Full Article...]

Men charged in shooting death of Dwyane Wade's cousin Nykea Aldridge

Men charged in shooting death of Dwyane Wade's cousin Nykea Aldridge Mike Pence is sidestepping questions about the flow of guns into IL from his state as the USA presidential campaign delves into the issue of Chicago violence. Wade asked for prayers and said she will continue to be proactive in the community. "We're still going to try and help these people to transform their minds and give them a different direction, so this thing won't keep happening", Jolind... [Full Article...]

Danny Houghton plays down crucial tackle in Hull's Challenge Cup triumph

Danny Houghton plays down crucial tackle in Hull's Challenge Cup triumph The Wolves finish their Super 8s campaign with a potentially crucial cup final re-match with Hull at the KCOM Stadium on Friday 23 September. Hull coach Lee Radford expressed sympathy for Gidley in his post-match interview. 'We'll enjoy it for a couple of days, but there's still a lot to play for. Hooker Danny Houghton played down his heroics after helping Hull end their Wembley hoodoo . [Full Article...]

2 charged in shooting of Dwyane Wade's cousin, police say

2 charged in shooting of Dwyane Wade's cousin, police say And homicides through the end of July were up 30% from past year in the Windy City. 26, and Derren Sorrells, 22, also were charged with attempted murder in Friday's shooting. Chicago had recorded 381 homicides by the end of July, up 30 percent from the same period of 2015. In addition to misspelling Dwyane's name, Trump neglected to offer condolences to the basketball star's family, prompting ... [Full Article...]

Barrel bombs dropped on Aleppo funeral wake for children

Barrel bombs are oil drums filled with explosives and shrapnel that are dropped by an aircraft. Russian Federation is the main external supporter of the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The Jarablus Military Council group, part of the Kurdish-backed SDF, said the attack on the village of al-Amarna caused civilian casualties and called it "a unsafe escalation that threatens the fat... [Full Article...]

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