'No amnesty' for those in the US illegally

'No amnesty' for those in the US illegally Trump touted their "shared objective" of ending illegal immigration between the US and Mexico. In a speech following his trip to Mexico, Donald Trump laid out his 10 point immigration plan last night which included "no amnesty" for anyone entering the USA illegally. [Full Article...]

Dilma Rousseff's Impeachment Is the Start of Brazil's Crisis-Not the End

Dilma Rousseff's Impeachment Is the Start of Brazil's Crisis-Not the End A political crisis in Venezuela has already heightened tensions with the Temer Government, which took over on an interim basis when Rousseff was suspended in May to face trial. But Temer, who has run Brazil since her suspension in May, inherits a bitterly divided nation with voters in no mood for the austerity measures needed to heal public finances. [Full Article...]

Sevilla takes City cast-off Nasri, Valencia toughens defense

The former France midfielder only made his first appearance of the season as a substitute against West Ham on Sunday and had also been left out prior to that after returning from the summer break overweight as Guardiola had revealed . A thigh injury forced him to miss the majority of last season but the 29-year-old is confident he can produce the goods for his new club. "I am very excited and I... [Full Article...]

Magnitude-7.1 quake strikes off New Zealand

New Zealand issued a tsunami warning for the east coast of the North Island after a severe natural disaster early Friday. Since the natural disaster was far away from the coast, it's not expected to cause major damage or injuries. People in and around the town of Gisborne, the largest populated area nearest the epicentre, were told to get to higher ground or go as far inland as they could in cas... [Full Article...]

Brussels tax bill 'political crap', says Apple chief Tim Cook

The spat has opened up tensions between the USA and Europe with officials on the other side of the pond adamant that the European Commission has no right to meddle in the tax affairs of a sovereign nation. However, while waxing nostalgic about the long relationship Apple has had with Ireland, Cook elaborated on the defense he laid out in a letter to customers published earlier this week in the... [Full Article...]

SWIFT admits to more cyber attacks on banks' payment systems

SWIFT admits to more cyber attacks on banks' payment systems After cybercriminals lifted $81 million from Bangladesh Bank, SWIFT tightened security but attackers managed to compromise systems at some member banks. "The threat is persistent, adaptive and sophisticated - and it is here to stay ". The common denominator has been weaknesses in local security that attackers have consequently exploited to compromise local networks and send fraudulent messages re... [Full Article...]

Explosion hits criminology institute in Brussels

An explosion was reported outside the facility at 2am local time, with local media reporting a auto ramming the gates of the building. No one was injured in the fire or by a large explosion which shook houses nearby, the city's prosecutors said. [Full Article...]

Bangladesh Cafe Attack: Police Kill 'Mastermind' In Raid Near Dhaka

Bangladesh Cafe Attack: Police Kill 'Mastermind' In Raid Near Dhaka The shootout Saturday morning took place at a two-story house in the Narayanganj district near Dhaka after police received a tip that the militants were hiding there, top counterterrorism official Monirul Islam said. Bangladeshi authorities have said Chowdhury planned the July 1 assault on the Holey Artisan Bakery, a restaurant popular with expatriates and middle-class Bangladeshis. [Full Article...]

Victoria moves to ban coal seam gas, fracking

Victoria moves to ban coal seam gas, fracking Victoria's agriculture sector is largely opposed to fracking due to its potential environmental and health risks. The decision comes after the Victorian government's Parliamentary Inquiry into Onshore Unconventional Gas in Victoria from 2015, which received over 1,600 submission from those against fracking and coal seam gas. [Full Article...]

Clinton says Trump unleashes 'radical fringe' in GOP

Clinton says Trump unleashes 'radical fringe' in GOP Trump's immigration speech in Arizona will come after he and Clinton spent last week trading accusations on racial issues. Clinton is not expected to discuss the issue during a Thursday speech in Reno, Nevada, which will be focused on attaching Trump to the so-called "alt right" movement within the Republican Party that has strayed from mainstream conservatism. [Full Article...]

Guptas have done nothing wrong, insists Eskom CEO

Guptas have done nothing wrong, insists Eskom CEO Eskom's CEO Brian Molefe also said a public row with the Treasury over its investigation into coal contracts between the utility and Gupta-controlled Tegeta Exploration & Resources Ltd. "I like them and that does not mean they have captured me", he said. "That does not mean I am captured". Meanwhile, Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane demanded on Wednesday that the South African Police S... [Full Article...]

Italy to hold mass funeral as search for bodies continues

Lawyer Franco Roberti issued the warning as various humanitarian programs, through the Italian government, positioned themselves to immediately rebuild the badly hit towns of Amatrice, Accumoli and Pescara del Tronto. Initially, authorities planned to hold the funeral in an airport hangar in Rieti, 40 miles away, citing safety and organisational concerns. Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos wa... [Full Article...]

Pentagon Calls on Turkey to Stop Fighting Kurds

The army destroyed eight Islamic State targets with cross-border artillery fire after rockets from Syria hit the Turkish border town of Kilis, some 80 km (50 miles) to the west, a Turkish military source said. While there, he warned Kurdish ground forces to retreat to the eastern bank of the Euphrates' River. US Vice President Joe Biden visited Ankara last week to try to patch up ties and voic... [Full Article...]

Yemen's exiled government welcomes US plan for restart of peace talks

Yemen's exiled government welcomes US plan for restart of peace talks The Shi'ite-led Iraqi government has uneasy relations with regional Sunni power Saudi Arabia. This unsafe gesture of defiance should not have happened, but it is hard to know if the attack is an indication of Al Houthis making a deliberate refusal to join any new talks, or at best a misguided effort to show off some of their military prowess before starting talks again. [Full Article...]

North Korea Demands Return of 'Human Scum' Diplomat

North Korea Demands Return of 'Human Scum' Diplomat The highest-level North Korean to seek asylum in South Korea is Hwang Jang-yop, a senior ruling Workers' Party official who once tutored Kim Jong Un's late father, dictator Kim Jong Il. On Sunday, a spokesman for North Korea's Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea said Pyongyang's determination to retaliate "will only grow stronger" if such exercises continue. [Full Article...]

One victim strangled, two killed by crossbow and arrow

One victim strangled, two killed by crossbow and arrow Brett Ryan, 35, has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder in the attack that stunned a tranquil residential neighbourhood last Thursday. In 2008, he was arrested in the case of the Fake Beard Bandit and charged with a total of 29 counts of robbery, intent to commit a crime while disguised, and a weapons offence. [Full Article...]

Maine Gov. Paul LePage says he's considering resigning

He lashed out at a state representative who had called him a racist because, he said, that charge is "like calling a black man the "N" word or a woman the "C" word". He said most of those drug dealers come from CT and NY, but on Monday, LePage told State House News Service he believes the drugs also come from Lowell and Lawrence, Massachusetts. [Full Article...]

6500 migrants rescued off Libyan coast in one day

Thousands of migrants were rescued off the Libyan coast by Italian naval ships and vessels from non-government groups on Monday. Monday's rate almost tripled that weekly amount. Most of the deaths in 2016 came from people risking this particular route, which is considered dramatically more risky. A private foundation brought some 300 Syrian Christians to Poland past year, but most have since lef... [Full Article...]

FBI expected to release Clinton documents soon

The State Department is now fending off a barrage of requests to go through the 15,000 messages and release them ahead of the election. "This (foundation) becomes a conduit for people to gain access, and gaining access is a favor", Pence told CNN's "State of the Union". [Full Article...]

Turkish jets strike Kurdish rebel targets in northern Iraq

Turkish jets strike Kurdish rebel targets in northern Iraq Carter says the USA has persuaded the SDF to stay east of the Euphrates River, where they will not come in contact with Turkish forces on the west side of the Euphrates, and they can both fight the Islamic State from those positions. Along with the US, Turkey is an important member of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation but the Kurdish fighters it is attacking are a major part of the US fight again... [Full Article...]

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