NY Attorney-General opens investigation into Donald J. Trump Foundation

Trump Foundation has followed state law. Bondi's office was considering investigating allegations against the Trump University during that period, but decided against it after receiving the cheque. "And we've inquired into it, and we've had correspondence with them". Trump senior aide Jason Miller said in a statement that Schneiderman's latest action looking into the Trump Foundation ... [Full Article...]

Trump, Daughter Ivanka by Side, Calls For 6 Weeks Maternity Leave

As Pat Robertson said at the 1992 Republican convention, "When Bill and Hillary Clinton talk about family values, they are not talking about either families or values". That's what makes Trump's flippant treatment of these policy areas all the more egregious. By way of comparison, Secretary Clinton's comprehensive child care plan , released several months ago, has a specific focus on openin... [Full Article...]

US Disputes Claims of 'Secret Exemptions' Added to Iran Nuclear Deal

US Disputes Claims of 'Secret Exemptions' Added to Iran Nuclear Deal The US is said to have made the concessions so that Iran can meet the deal's deadlines and that sanctions can be lifted. David Albright, the president of the institute, and Andrea Strickler, a senior policy analyst there, cataloged three areas where the Joint Commission, comprised of the USA and its partners, allowed Iran to keep nuclear material and equipment in excess of what was permitted... [Full Article...]

Protests over water in India turn violent

Several BMTC buses and vehicles have been burnt by the protestors on Monday. One protester was killed on Monday after police fired on a mob trying to torch a police auto, a senior officer said. 12, 2016. Bengaluru began crawling back to normalcy on Wednesday with a few schools and colleges opening in some parts of the city and state road transport and city buses commencing operations amid an... [Full Article...]

Taylor Swift is reportedly back in the studio

Taylor Swift is reportedly back in the studio Swift chose to ignore the tweet, choosing instead to enjoy herself while singing along to the song she herself wrote. "That show was insane", she tweeted. Taylor Swift was indeed in the credits for the song but as the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg before it was changed back to her name. The Blank Space singer turned out to the Tommy Hilfiger show on Saturday with pal Martha Hunt , with the pair s... [Full Article...]

New Clinton ad highlights Republicans criticizing Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's assessment President Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation a better leader than President Barack Obama has set off new controversy. You tell me: "Who hacked?" On Friday, as Clinton began to walk away from the podium at the press conference, she paused when a reporter shouted a question asking that she respond to Trump's appearance on RT Am... [Full Article...]

IndiaPost releases commemorative postage stamp on Saint Teresa

Applause erupted in St. Peter's Square even before Francis finished pronouncing the rite of canonization, evidence of the admiration Mother Teresa enjoyed from Christians and non-Christians alike during her life and after her 1997 death. "Her holiness is so near to us, so tender and so fruitful that we continue to spontaneously call her Mother". In keeping with her spirit, he was treating 1,500 ... [Full Article...]

Some Hispanic Trump backers pull support after immigration speech

Some Hispanic Trump backers pull support after immigration speech Mexico's President Enrico Pena Nieto agreed that it was the US' prerogative to build a wall on its side of the border, but Mexico would not pay for it the way Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had insisted. He responded to Trump on Twitter by saying , "Repeating what I told you in person, Mexico will never pay for a wall". Though he's now legally living in Rhode Island he says he... [Full Article...]

Americans got raise last year for first time since 2007

Americans got raise last year for first time since 2007 Median incomes of noncitizen households rose 10.5% to $45,100, while incomes of native-born households rose 4.4% to $57,200. The median household income of $56,516 in 2015 was up 5.2 percent over $53,718 in 2014. Lo and behold, today's Census Bureau release shows that American households did get a big bump in income previous year. Income inequality has been a major issue throughout the 2016... [Full Article...]

Israeli military denies any of its aircraft shot down in Syria

An Israeli soldier walks past tanks during training in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights , near the border with Syria, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016. The incident was the first since the US-Russian brokered truce went into effect at sunset on Monday, local time. [Full Article...]

US Navy says planes threatened by Iran in Strait of Hormuz

US Navy says planes threatened by Iran in Strait of Hormuz Washington navy's P-8 Poseidon and EP-3 Eries flew close to Iran's airspace on Saturday (10 September) as part of the US's routine expedition in the region. Iran's territorial waters-like all nations-extend 12 miles into the sea, according to worldwide maritime law. The American aircraft, while close, were not inside Iranian territory. [Full Article...]

Trump To Unveil Child Care Policies That Daughter Ivanka Lobbied For

Trump To Unveil Child Care Policies That Daughter Ivanka Lobbied For Instead of embracing a new federal mandate, she said conservatives should encourage states to develop their own approaches - pointing to the work that has been done in California, where an employee payroll tax covers the cost of the benefit. [Full Article...]

Israel plans new homes in West Bank settlements

More than 2,500 housing units, including the retroactive approval of 700 units, have been green-lighted for construction this year, according to a report by the Middle East Quartet, a contact group comprising the US, UN, EU and Russian Federation. [Full Article...]

Clinton Campaign Says She Left 9/11 Event Feeling Overheated

She was due to leave for California on Monday morning for a two-day trip that included fundraisers and a speech on the economy. Bardack's statement said she re-examined Clinton after the incident on Sunday and treated her for dehydration. [Full Article...]

Bills Watkins re-injures foot

That being said, there are real talks of Watkins being shut down for next week and possibly the rest of the 2016 season. Watkins met with foot specialist Dr. "I'm hoping he plays, and we'll see". Despite only seeing six targets, Watkins led the Bills with 3.66 Reception Net Expected Points on Sunday, according to numberFire Live. [Full Article...]

Canadian judge facing removal over rape comments

Canadian judge facing removal over rape comments In March, California judge Aaron Persky was excoriated for sentencing Brock Turner to just six months in jail for his three felony counts of sexual assault: Anything longer, Persky reasoned, "would have a severe impact" on the 23-year rapist. [Full Article...]

No. 2 Florida State DB Derwin James out with knee injury

No. 2 Florida State DB Derwin James out with knee injury Sophomore A.J. Westbrook or senior Nate Andrews are in the mix to start in place of James. "Bobby (Petrino) is a heck of a football coach". The same thing can be said about Jackson. "I see his throwing motion has gotten better, I see that he has worked on that". Eight of those possessions have been three plays or fewer. Jackson has basically been an offense unto himself, and James was the flawle... [Full Article...]

Duterte: Indonesia can chase pirates into Philippine waters

Duterte: Indonesia can chase pirates into Philippine waters Aside from comments made about his fashion sense, the firebrand Philippine leader seemed to make good on his pre-summit comments aimed at US President Barack Obama. Duterte arrived in Indonesia overnight after attending the Asean conference and is scheduled to meet Widodo to discuss matters of maritime security. [Full Article...]

Trial of SS medic who served at Auschwitz begins in Germany

Trial of SS medic who served at Auschwitz begins in Germany On Friday, A German state court dropped a similar case against a 92-year-old woman who worked as an Auschwitz radio operator. The court in Kiel said the woman identified only as Helma M. Zafke is accused of helping to run the horrific Auschwitz concentration camp during a one-month period in 1944 by putting prisoners into gas chambers, screening blood samples from women prisoners, and treating S... [Full Article...]

Obama Fumes as Netanyahu Schools Him on Real Peace

Trudeau added that what she called Netanyahu's "inappropriate and unhelpful" remarks are the current topic of (probably heated) discussion with the Israeli government. "Mr. Netanyahu's recent comparison of Palestinian citizens of Israel with its illegal settlers in Occupied Palestine is not only immoral, but a total departure from rationality, history and Israel's obligations under worldwide l... [Full Article...]

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