Gabon opposition challenges election results in court

Gabon opposition challenges election results in court According to the electoral commission, the province saw a 99.93 percent turnout, with 95 percent voting in favor of Bongo. Regarding the recount, this is provided under the law, and is done at the level of the Constitutional Court. Haut-Ogooue province is a stronghold of Bongo, whose family has ruled the oil-producing nation for almost a half century. Mr Bongo accused Mr Ping, a former African... [Full Article...]

ASEAN considers tribunal's verdict on South China Sea 'legal and binding': Obama

Asian leaders played down tensions over the South China Sea in a carefully worded summit statement on Thursday, but even before it was issued Beijing voiced frustration with countries outside the region "interfering" in tussles over the strategic waterway. [Full Article...]

Italian woman kills herself after revenge porn video goes viral

Italian woman kills herself after revenge porn video goes viral So viral had the video gone, Cantone changed her legal name in a bid not to be associated with the video, which by then had become a favorite on local social networks and internet destinations. About a year ago, she sent that video to her ex-boyfriend and three others, who published it online for all to see. Discussing her death, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said: 'As a government, there's not ... [Full Article...]

British ambassador to Saudi Arabia embraces Islam, performs Haj

Britain's first diplomat to convert to Islam was Abdullah William Quilliam, who served as a 19th century ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. Talib ul-Haq first performed the haj 40 years ago. "Praised be God", he wrote on the social platform Twitter. Mr Collis thanked her on Twitter. In Saudi Arabia, more than two million Muslims descended on Mecca to celebrate the festival in one of the f... [Full Article...]

Diane James replaces Farage as UKIP leader

Nigel Farage doesn't know why you joined UKIP. Mr Farage, who has clashed repeatedly with the party's ruling National Executive Committee, said that Ukip needed to reform its party structures. ITV News reported that his slot had been given to his arch-rival Nathan Gill, the party's overall leader in Wales. Bill Etheridge followed on 2,052 votes, Phillip Broughton on 1,545 votes and Elizabet... [Full Article...]

Israeli forces say killed two assailants in East Jerusalem, West Bank

On the same day, a Jordanian man was shot dead after he allegedly attacked an Israeli police officer with a knife in occupied East Jerusalem, according to a statement released by the Israeli police. Israeli soldiers and medics at the scene in Hebron where an Israeli soldier was stabbed by a Palestinian man on September 16. The Palestinian health ministry identified the dead suspect as Firas Kh... [Full Article...]

Leaked Corbyn abuse list shows the unbridgeable gulf in Labour

Mr Watson said he had been told the list had been released by mistake by a junior press officer in Mr Corbyn's campaign team. Woodcock and Bradshaw have both written to chief whip Rosie Winterton and Labour general secretary Iain McNicol to complain. [Full Article...]

Trump child care plan breaks with conservative orthodoxy

However, paternity leave rights are conspicuously absent. "There's no policy that's been articulated on how to solve the problem". Her plan promises up to 12 weeks of paid time off , twice what the Trump plan offers. "Certainly she opportunity to have a concept like that". The latest disclosure includes Trump's medical records, which have been a topic of interest for both presidential nom... [Full Article...]

Debris confirmed as wing flap of missing Flight MH370

Debris confirmed as wing flap of missing Flight MH370 The debris will be examined further to see if it can yield any insight into the circumstances around the missing plane , Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said in a statement. The investigators will also search for any signs of fire on the plane before it went missing. The 120,000 square kilometers priority search zone in the south Indian Ocean has now been largely sonar scanned by de... [Full Article...]

Oil Move Higher With Global Glut Worries In The Background

Gasoline inventories also increased 567,000 barrels, relative to analysts' expectations for a gain of 343,000-barrels. The agency last month predicted the market would return to equilibrium this year. "The key demand change in this report is the erosion of 300,000 bpd from the third quarter of 2016's global demand estimate, and the resulting removal of 100,000 bpd from the net 2016 forecast", the ... [Full Article...]

Trump Interrupted by Pastor in MI as He Mentions Hillary Clinton

Trump Interrupted by Pastor in MI as He Mentions Hillary Clinton It's going to take time, it's unbelievable the damage that's been done", Trump said . "There was no question about it". "I wanted him to see the best of Flint in the sense that we're an educated congregation", she said. "Trump didn't go into detail on specific policies he would pursue to improve Flint's water quality". The New York businessman pivoted from GM's decades-long declining presen... [Full Article...]

Man with meat cleaver attacks officer in Manhattan, gets shot

The worker said the assailant struck the officer with the knife when he tried to disarm him. Thompson was a self-radicalized "lone wolf terrorist", police officials said after the attack. Cory Melton was at 32nd Street and 7th Avenue checking his phone when he heard shots. Photos he took show a gray, four-door sedan with bullet holes in the windshield and numerous police cars with their emerge... [Full Article...]

Redskins drop season opener to the Steelers 38-16

Redskins drop season opener to the Steelers 38-16 The Bengals' defense got run over during a season-opening win over the Jets, and there's an terrible lot to fix heading into a matchup against a team that's been known to run all over them. Just in case people needed proof, Cincinnati wide receiver A.J. Green had 180 receiving yards and a touchdown in Week 1. The Steelers will now return to Heinz Field to host the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday,... [Full Article...]

Oil Exec Allegedly Posed as Elon Musk Using a Terrible Email Address

The Palo Alto, California, maker of electric cars had reported a quarterly loss of $293m based on generally accepted accounting principles. Tesla said its execs didn't supply Katz with any information, and that the August 3 email is the only known attempt by Katz to get inside dirt from the company. [Full Article...]

Duterte says US forces must leave Mindanao

But his anti-American sentiments have been consistent, even before he became a politician. The President explained that during the ASEAN Summit, he authorized the release of photographs depicting the horror that the Philippines suffered under the Spaniards and the Americans to show what true human rights violation looks like, and how these atrocities were committed against the Filipinos. [Full Article...]

Turkey delivers food aid and toys to Syrian town

With much of Syria calm for the past 24 hours, a powerful al-Qaida-linked group sharply criticized the U.S. -Russian-brokered cease-fire, saying Tuesday its real aim was to keep President Bashar Assad in power. and Russian Federation to coordinatie attacks on the Islamic State group and Fateh al-Sham, formerly the Nusra Front, which has tried to distance itself from al-Qaeda. [Full Article...]

US, Israel sign massive military aid deal; $38B, 10 years

Some critics faulted details of the agreement, which they said will hurt Israel's ability to ask for more assistance in emergencies or as security conditions change. firms. Netanyahu also agreed to end Israel's use of 13 percent of the us money on military fuel purchases, officials said. "We can't have the executive branch dictating what the legislative branch will do for a decade based on a... [Full Article...]

Bill Clinton: 'Nothing More to Know' About Hillary's Health

Bill Clinton: 'Nothing More to Know' About Hillary's Health An aide said Hillary Clinton planned to visit the same college campus but that the campaign had looked at other options for the specific event site. The campaign said Monday Hillary will be back on the campaign trail by the middle or end of the week. [Full Article...]

Israel to get $38 billion in US military aid over 10 years

Israel to get $38 billion in US military aid over 10 years But Netanyahu, the head of the most right-wing government in Israel's history, has claimed removing settlers from illegal communities in the West Bank would be tantamount "ethnic cleansing". aid is crucial to help its military to plan for the future. The deal will be signed on September 14. Obama touted the pledge as proof that the United States is Israel's greatest "friend". [Full Article...]

Clinton spokesman says she'll rejoin campaign trail Thursday

Clinton spokesman says she'll rejoin campaign trail Thursday Trump is expected to release more medical information about his own health this week on " The Dr. Oz Show". "Her degree of thyroid abnormality wasn't that significant and seems to be easily controlled", Ross says. The show released a short clip on Wednesday that did not include any medical information. Mr Trump had another physical in recent days, and he went on the television set of celebr... [Full Article...]

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