Driver killed, 18 hurt in Denver airport school bus crash

Mike Farr of the Denver Police Department. The Legacy Lightning football team played a game Friday against Chino Hills High School in Chino Hills, Calif., a suburb of Los Angeles. According to the New York Daily News , the school bus driver's body was found "amid the mangled front of the yellow school bus". A crisis team was at the school Monday to help students. [Full Article...]

Gabon opposition leader Ping rejects court ruling upholding Bongo poll win

Gabon opposition leader Ping rejects court ruling upholding Bongo poll win Mborantsuo, a former beauty queen from Bongo's stronghold of Haut-Ogooue, caught the attention of late leader Omar Bongo and was named to the country's top court when she was only 28. "I look forward to inviting members of all political parties to join our efforts and come with us to the cabinet". We need the politicians to talk. [Full Article...]

City of Liverpool honours Hillsborough victims

City of Liverpool honours Hillsborough victims The 65-year-old will receive the highest civic honour, alongside his wife Marina, in recognition of the support they have shown families affected by the Hillsborough tragedy. The starting point for the design was other Freedom of the City scrolls, but they have to be personal to the honour they are representing, and the story should be quite easy to read. [Full Article...]

US Education Department severs ties with for-profit college's accreditor

US Education Department severs ties with for-profit college's accreditor The accrediting agency has been accused of lax oversight of its schools, which included those once owned by the now-defunct Corinthian Colleges Inc. and the recently closed ITT Technical Institute, which was operated by Carmel-based ITT Educational Services Inc. [Full Article...]

'How To Get Away With Murder' Cast and Creator Discuss Cliffhangers

'How To Get Away With Murder' Cast and Creator Discuss Cliffhangers Our expectation will be rewarded! This Season Premiere will plunge us back into the murder of Wallace Mahoney. We look forward to meeting them, especially with everything that happened last season. Where did he go? Besides, he will die a character from this Season Premiere? As for " How to Get Away with Murder " season 3 episode 2 titled, " There Are Worse Things Than Murder ", the episode... [Full Article...]

Trump walks line between law and order, empathy for blacks

In the wake of violence erupted during a second night of protests over the police killing of the black man, North Carolina's Governor has declared a state of emergency in the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. "Those peddling the narrative. share directly in the responsibility for the unrest that is afflicting our country and hurting those who have really the very least", he said. [Full Article...]

Sample ballots ready for November 8 general election

We noticed, however, that some communities are already mailing these ballots out to voters. Absentee voting began for Portage residents Thursday, with the city clerk's office receiving its first ballot at 8 a.m. Even though the return envelope has a Fairfax County voter registration office address, it's not from the county. The League of Women's Voters, a national nonprofit, nonpartisan civic ... [Full Article...]

42 killed in migrant boat capsize off Egypt s coast

A health ministry official said 55 bodies had been retrieved. Mabrouk was one of about 169 people to survive. "We are no longer Egyptian", said Gamal Abdel Dayem, a neighbour and relative of one of the drowned migrants . European arrivals by sea decreased during the spring after the European Union and Turkey reached an agreement on curbing migrant flows across the Mediterranean, launching "Op... [Full Article...]

Man shot in Charlotte protests Wednesday dies

As the encounter escalates, she repeatedly urges police, "You better not shoot him". The plainclothes officer who shot Scott, Brently Vinson, was not wearing a camera. Mayor Jennifer Roberts announced the curfew Thursday to curb the violence that rocked the city the previous two nights. Officers allowed demonstrators who violated the curfew to continue as long as they remained peaceful, accordin... [Full Article...]

UK approves stalled Chinese-funded nuclear power plant deal

UK approves stalled Chinese-funded nuclear power plant deal This follows national security concerns over Chinese involvement in the project that are understood to have prompted Theresa May to put the brakes on the deal at the beginning of the summer . Sky's Business Editor Ian King said: "This special share looks to be the new news here". However, whether the Government's tighter restrictions on foreign finance for power stations will affect Sizewell ... [Full Article...]

Doctor Says Democratic Nominee 'Fit To Serve As President'

Doctor Says Democratic Nominee 'Fit To Serve As President' Clinton's medical details come as her campaign seeks to deflect criticism from both allies and opponents over its decision to withhold the news that Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday. After she become "overheated", "dizzy" and "dehydrated" at the 9/11 ceremony, Bardack examined Clinton at her suburban NY home. She receives routine dental care, had a normal mammogram and b... [Full Article...]

Nigel Farage: I did not bare all in late-night swim

Noting the ripples the party has generated in British politics in recent years and its key plank, Farage said in his last speech as leader at the party conference in Bournemouth that he had given it all he had, and now wanted his life back. [Full Article...]

Hajj at high point a year after deadly stampede

The worshipers are following in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad, who performed the same rituals about 1,400 years ago. Iranian authorities - who assert that more than 4,500 people died during last year's disaster, according to The New York Times - announced in May that Saudi Arabia had made insufficient progress in addressing safety concerns. [Full Article...]

Stop terrorism, India & Afghanistan tell rogue neighbour Pakistan

Stop terrorism, India & Afghanistan tell rogue neighbour Pakistan In a stern message to Pakistan, the two leaders called for an end to all support, sponsorship and safe havens to terrorists and chose to strengthen security and defence cooperation. On Wednesday, President Ghani strongly criticised Islamabad for not allowing India to transport wheat to Afghanistan via Pakistan, saying: "Those who block us will be blocked". [Full Article...]

Israel military: Palestinian killed after a stabbing soldier

In response to the steady escalation of violence over the past week, the army has deployed soldiers from the Kfir Brigade to beef up security in the West Bank in advance of the Jewish high holy days which begin on October 2 and run through the month. [Full Article...]

Human DNA tied mostly to single exodus from Africa long ago

Human DNA tied mostly to single exodus from Africa long ago But at some point, many of our ancestors left. In the 1980s, a group of paleoanthropologists and geneticists began championing a hypothesis that modern humans emerged only once from Africa , roughly 50,000 years ago. They found that, among the Australians in the study, the genetic diversity was on par with that of Europeans. This means that there is a part of the DNA from people that lived 14... [Full Article...]

Threat made to all schools in Winnipeg School Division 'a hoax'

Threat made to all schools in Winnipeg School Division 'a hoax' Earlier in the day, police conducted searches of the schools, and teachers were asked to inform RCMP of anything suspicious or out of place. All schools in the small Canadian province of Prince Edward Island were told to evacuate because of a "potential threat" on Wednesday, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said. [Full Article...]

Attack on Syrian medical facility kills 4 staff

Both Russia and the Syrian government carry out bombings in the area. Rhodes said that under the terms of a Russia-United States brokered cease-fire deal for the 6-year-old conflict it fell to Moscow to make sure that Syrian President Bashar Assad's air force did not bomb the aid convoys bringing food and medical supplies. [Full Article...]

Paris Climate Change agreement passes key threshold

The ceremony was attended by heads of state and government, foreign ministers, ministers and diplomats, which event was enshrined on the high-level debate of the United Nations General Assembly, installed the day before. Signed by 375 members of the National Academy of Sciences, the letter explicitly refers to "the Republican nominee for President" and notes that "such a decision would make it far... [Full Article...]

Medical Workers Reportedly Killed In Airstrikes After Syria Truce Collapses

At least 18 trucks in a 31-vehicle convoy were destroyed late Monday as they delivered humanitarian assistance to desperate civilians in Orum al-Kubra in the Aleppo region, according to the UN. "This is not a joke", Kerry said, sharply criticizing those who engage in "word games" to dodge responsibility over questions of "war and peace, life and death". [Full Article...]

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