FBI, ATF Conducting Raid In Elizabeth, New Jersey

FBI, ATF Conducting Raid In Elizabeth, New Jersey The blast, in the Chelsea area of Manhattan, injured 29 people . Most of the injuries were minor. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday vowed a "bigger than ever" police presence to protect the United Nations. At a press conference Saturday night, the de Blasio cautioned that the investigation was still in the early stages and there was little that authorities could definitively say about t... [Full Article...]

India trying to secure release of captured soldier

The region where the fighting occurred is deep in the Himalayas, along the Line of Control that has long split Kashmir between India and Pakistan. Last week, India initiated a diplomatic drive to isolate Pakistan after blaming it for the Sept 18 attack on the Uri army camp in IHK which killed 18 soldiers ─ a claim which Pakistan has rejected. [Full Article...]

Zika Travel Advisory Issued for 11 Southeast Asia Countries

Along with the Philippines , countries included in the Zika watch list are Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Thailand, Timor-Leste (East Timor) and Vietnam. Zika is mainly spread a tropical mosquito called Aedes aegypti , though it can also be spread through sex. The World Health Organization (WHO) today asked countries across its South-East Asia Region, ... [Full Article...]

Mom arrested after kids found dead in vehicle in Indiana

Mom arrested after kids found dead in vehicle in Indiana Prosecutors in Allen County say they will handle Macomber's death investigation and any charges that follow. Officials in Fort Wayne , Indiana issued the alert on Monday. The two had been the subject of a statewide Amber Alert that had been issued earlier in the day. Early this month, she was found to be noncompliant and ordered back to court. [Full Article...]

Indian fire kills 2 Pakistani soldiers in Kashmir

Pakistan, however, dismissed as "fabrication of truth" India's claim that it has conducted a military operation across the LoC to target terrorist launching pads, terming it as a "quest" by India to create media hype by rebranding cross-border fire as surgical strike . [Full Article...]

Theresa May is running a 'government with no policies', claims Ken Clarke

His comments came days after he sparked controversy by branding British bosses "lazy" because he claimed they would rather play golf than cut a deal. Clarke said the prime minister faced "an appalling problem" of trying to get the "Three Brexiteers" -Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Brexit Secretary David Davis and International Trade Secretary Liam Fox - to agree with one another. [Full Article...]

British Royal Kids Make Rare Appearance in Canada

British Royal Kids Make Rare Appearance in Canada Prince George plays with bubbles as his father Britain's Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, watches during a children's tea party at Government House in Victoria, British Columbia, Thursday, Sept. William decide to get a closer look at the locomotive after hearing how his grandparents the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh had travelled in the last carriage of the train which was specially fitted ou... [Full Article...]

CNN says Lewandowski no longer being paid by Trump campaign

CNN says Lewandowski no longer being paid by Trump campaign Camerota issued a mildly editorial remark: "I didn't think those would ever run out". Lewandowski, who was sacked from the Trump campaign in June, joined CNN as a commentator shortly after leaving the campaign. 29, after the Trump campaign had earlier said Lewandowski was supposed to be paid severance until the end of the year. No longer will CNN and Lewandowski and the Trump campaign have to an... [Full Article...]

Jeremy Corbyn 'relaxed' about the number of migrants coming to UK

Mr Corbyn will say: "Whatever the Prime Minister says about snap elections, there is every chance that Theresa May will cut and run for an early election". Addressing the conference on Wednesday, he will call for action to stop employers using migrant workers to undercut the pay and conditions of home-grown staff. [Full Article...]

Australian state loses power as strong storm lashes region

Australian state loses power as strong storm lashes region This photo from Tanya Bertelsmeier. Officials were working to restore power, but it was expected to take hours to get everything running again, Weatherill said. Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said there were also reports of some people stuck in lifts. The stormy conditions were forecast to continue through Thursday, Bureau of Meteorology senior meteorologist James Taylor told AFP, bringing ... [Full Article...]

World leaders to attend funeral of Shimon Peres

The prime minister says Peres, who died early Wednesday at the age of 93, was an internationally respected statesman. Many messages of condolences issued by world leaders after Sharon's death read like not-so-subtle pleas to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to follow in his predecessor's footsteps and undergo a similar transformation from a hawk to a dove. [Full Article...]

Biden, Michelle Obama, to stump for Clinton at 3 colleges

Biden, Michelle Obama, to stump for Clinton at 3 colleges The ad features Clinton meeting with children and families before a steady shot on the First Lady she says in conclusion "That's why I believe in her". Obama is Clinton's most popular campaign surrogate, with polls pegging her favorable rating near 60%. The stakes, she said, "are far too high to take that chance". [Full Article...]

London Mayor Sadiq Khan: Opposition is 'not good enough' for Labour

The speech was probably the Labour leader's most impressive to date. Corbyn told delegates these show "the direction of change we are determined to take - and the outline of a programme to rebuild and transform Britain". "At the moment the interest rates are extremely low on government bonds, so it would not be expensive". "We'll be ready for the challenge whenever it comes". [Full Article...]

South Sudan says rebel leader's call to arms 'unacceptable'

South Sudan says rebel leader's call to arms 'unacceptable' Machar, who is not allowed to speak to the media according to the terms of his stay in Sudan , also called for an armed struggle against Kiir's government. The armed opposition faction declared war on the "regime" in Juba under President Salva Kiir and called on the global community to declare it a "rogue" regime. [Full Article...]

Kerry threatens to end Syria talks with Russia over Aleppo

He said the Syrian opposition won't be "particularly excited about having a negotiation when they're being bombed and starved", adding that statements by the Syrian government are "almost meaningless". In a study published Wednesday, France-based Handicap International called the widespread use of shelling, rocket fire, and bombardment the "overriding factor" behind the tidal wave of displacement ... [Full Article...]

Missing Chibok girls' parents react to new Boko Haram video

Missing Chibok girls' parents react to new Boko Haram video The purported leader of Nigerian Islamist militant group Boko Haram Abubakar Shekau appeared in a video posted on social media on Sunday in which he rejected statements by the country's military that he had been seriously wounded. "The troops encountered Boko Haram terrorists ambush site shortly before Kuburmbula village. It's urgent. We need them to do whatever they can do to get the girls"... [Full Article...]

Syria jets carry out air raids on militant bases in Aleppo

Syria jets carry out air raids on militant bases in Aleppo US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned his Russian counterpart that Washington will end Syria talks unless Moscow stops the bombing of Aleppo. The strikes also hit the hospital's oxygen and power generators, and patients were transferred to another hospital in the area, medical workers at the M10 hospital said. [Full Article...]

Air strike hits major Aleppo hospital: medical workers

In the video, DJs play music, lights flash and clubbers socialize and dance at an event supposedly held this summer. Since a cease-fire collapsed last week, the rebel-held eastern portion of Aleppo has been subjected to what residents describe as the most intense bombardments yet of the five-year-old war, with waves of Syrian and Russian airstrikes sending sometimes hundreds of injured peopl... [Full Article...]

Katy Perry strips down at ballot box for Funny or Die

Katy Perry strips down at ballot box for Funny or Die Reports reveal that, the naked idea is to make sure, Perry has the attention of the people of America. After the singer was captured in a amusing or Die video Tuesday, stripped down at a polling station to vote for Hillary Clinton, Madonna had to get in on the nude female celebrity action. [Full Article...]

Syria conflict: Air strikes leave Aleppo 'without water'

Prior to the start of the United Nations meeting, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Russian Federation should be investigated for war crimes following a Monday attack on a Syrian aid convoy that claimed 20 lives. First, an errant US strike on a Syrian military contingent killed dozens. US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov are due to meet again in ... [Full Article...]

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