UNESCO vote: No link between Al-Aqsa and Judaism

Earlier today, and immediately after UNESCO-the United Nations agency entrusted with promoting peace through cultural and educational exchanges-adopted a resolution that nullified any Jewish historical connection to Jerusalem's Temple Mount, Israeli officialdom reacted just as you would've expected. [Full Article...]

Philippine President Duterte to visit China next week

Geng added that he hoped the visit would contribute to settlement of the existing disputes between Beijing and Manila . The ruling came after Manila filed a case in January 2013 accusing Beijing of violating the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. [Full Article...]

Israel intercepts boat seeking to break Gaza blockade

Green Party MP Marama Davidson's detention by Israeli authorities in global waters near Gaza is a "less-than-perfect look" for New Zealand, Prime Minister John Key says. Wright refused saying the boat was 33 miles from the coast of Gaza and therefore still within global waters. Marama Davidson's father Rawiri Paratene admits he was concerned for his daughter's safety, but says he supports her an... [Full Article...]

Obama Speech Disrupted by Hecklers Yelling 'Bill Clinton is a Rapist'

Obama Speech Disrupted by Hecklers Yelling 'Bill Clinton is a Rapist' One of the women, Juanita Broaddrick, said she was raped in 1978 by Bill, but the Clintons have always denied the claims. In a recording made before appearing on a soap opera in 2005 Trump boasted that his fame allowed him to grope women, and said he had attempted to seduce a married woman. [Full Article...]

Crown Prince returns to Bangkok as Thailand holds vigil for ailing king

King Bhumibol was born on a Monday, and so Thais have traditionally donned the day's corresponding color of yellow to honor him. Thailand's prime minister and crown prince rushed back to Bangkok today as rumours swirled about the health of the gravely ill King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who is in hospital with multiple serious illnesses. [Full Article...]

Bomb Suspect Arrested In Germany

Bomb Suspect Arrested In Germany Jaber Albakr was detained overnight in the eastern city of Leipzig, police in the eastern state of Saxony tweeted. 11 de octubre de 2016, 00:02Berlin, Oct 11 (Prensa Latina) The German police arrested a suspected terrorist on the run in the city of Leipzig, according to media. [Full Article...]

Wells Fargo Shuffles Some Banking Executives

Wells Fargo Shuffles Some Banking Executives The investment management firm now holds a total of 12,266 shares of Wells Fargo & Co which is valued at $556,018. Wells Fargo & Co makes up approximately 0.16% of Central Bank Trust Co's portfolio. Late-night hosts like Stephen Colbert and John Oliver had a field day, at times citing CNNMoney's coverage. Wells Fargo wfc chief financial officer said efforts by states to penalize its busi... [Full Article...]

White House calls Trump's 2005 lewd women comments "sexual assault"

White House calls Trump's 2005 lewd women comments The press secretary said Obama agrees with Vice President Joe Biden's assessment that Trump's comments constitute sexual assault. Earlier, President Barack Obama criticised Trump's comments and said this would disqualify him from even a job at a convenience store. [Full Article...]

Russian Federation annual summit: Focus on Kudankulam nuclear plant pact

Russian Federation annual summit: Focus on Kudankulam nuclear plant pact Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit India, Cambodia and Bangladesh this week during which he would take part in the BRICS Summit in Goa. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is campaigning to join the NSG to back its drive to build nuclear power plants in collaboration with the US, Russia and France with the aim of reducing the country's reliance on fossil fuels. [Full Article...]

Russian Federation 'deepening divides' at Security Council

The Russian resolution received four "yes" votes, nine "no" votes, and two abstentions. The veto powers are the United States, France, Britain, Russia and China. Mr Ayrault warned the continued bombing of Aleppo was killing civilians and destroying hospitals and schools - "and has nothing to do with combating terrorism", as Syrian president Bashar Assad's government and ally Russian Federation... [Full Article...]

Black Friday 2016: Hhgregg, Inc. (HGG) Won't Open on Thanksgiving Day

Black Friday 2016: Hhgregg, Inc. (HGG) Won't Open on Thanksgiving Day Officials at Mayfair Mall said they haven't decided whether to close the mall. Clair Square and West County Center will all be closed on Thanksgiving Day and open at 6 a.m. The electronics retailer says that it has noticed the trend of opening earlier for Black Friday sales. One major mall operator is giving back Thanksgiving to thousands of employees at 73 of its properties. [Full Article...]

Florida girl to go home after being found in Tennessee

A 16-year-old sister says she saw Rebecca sleeping about 9 a.m. but when she woke up again 45 minutes later, she was gone. From there they traced the pair north through Georgia to a park in Campbell County, Tennessee. When Hogs and Rebecca vanished on Saturday, the girl's parents called the police and triggered a nationwide manhunt. He spoke about it during a separate press conference Tuesday afte... [Full Article...]

Judge Extends Voter Registration Deadline By A Day

Scott denied the request, indicating that he had more important things to worry about - though it seemed to us that if you could take the time to deny the request, it might have taken just as much time to grant it instead. Williams said there is a possibility registration will be extended even longer. Bill Clinton is holding a registration rally for his wife in Safety Harbor Tuesday at 6:45 pm, ... [Full Article...]

Putin postpones visit to France amid diplomatic tensions

Putin postpones visit to France amid diplomatic tensions MOSCOW (AP) - Russian President Vladimir Putin indefinitely postponed a visit to France amid differences over its program, the Kremlin said Tuesday, a move that comes amid a bitter rift over Syria. "Regrettably, those events dropped out of the program", Peskov said, saying it's up to the French side to explain the reason. Hollande's press office says that Russian Federation wants Putin's visit t... [Full Article...]

Uzbekistan hand China another loss

Uzbekistan hand China another loss The Central Asians, who have never featured in the quadrennial sporting showpiece, raised their game in the second half and opened their account through Bikmaev in the 50th minute, the Lokomotiv Tashkent forward blasting the ball home after playmaker Eldor Shomurodov had split the Chinese defence with a brilliant pass. [Full Article...]

Health conditions worsen as aid trickles into remote Haiti

Health conditions worsen as aid trickles into remote Haiti Some towns were nearly entirely erased from the map, stressed the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon adding that these numbers and needs are rising as more isolated regions are affected by the hurricane . Three of nine U.S. helicopters had arrived in Jeremie by Sunday, bringing rice and cooking oil, among other things. Honduras, which maintains a force of 60 troops in Haiti as part of a United... [Full Article...]

Russian Federation blocks United Nations move to stop Aleppo bombing

Since the collapse of the U.S. -Russia-brokered cease-fire two weeks ago, the situation in Syria has dramatically deteriorated, with both countries escalating their rhetoric and actions. Ambassador David Pressman. "What is at stake today is first and foremost the fate of Aleppo and its people", Ayrault told the council. Council members need to decide: "Do you, yes or no, want a cease-fire in... [Full Article...]

Inquest into death of batsman Hughes opens in Sydney

Inquest into death of batsman Hughes opens in Sydney He died two days later from a brain haemorrhage caused by a torn vertebral artery. The family of late cricketer Phillip Hughes is bracing for a "very, very, very difficult" time as a five-day inquest into his death begins in Sydney . [Full Article...]

Aftereffects of Matthew to linger in North Carolina

Aftereffects of Matthew to linger in North Carolina At least four people died in Georgia - including at least three killed by falling trees, officials said. After a destructive trip through the Caribbean that left hundreds dead in Haiti , Matthew knocked out power to millions of people Saturday night and toppled trees along parts of the US Southeast - from Florida to the Carolinas. [Full Article...]

Girl's fast to death: Parents booked

Girl's fast to death: Parents booked Aradhana Samdhariya had fasted previously, The Washington Post reported her relatives said, but her 68-day fast was extreme even for the Jains, who observe a strict vegetarian diet and advocate nonviolence against people and animals. The tradition, known as Santhara , is usually a refuge of the elderly, who feel they are no more productive to society, and fast unto death as a form of penance a... [Full Article...]

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