Pentagon chief in Irbil for closer assessment of Mosul fight

Pentagon chief in Irbil for closer assessment of Mosul fight Kurdish Peshmerga forces are closing in from the north on the Iraqi city of Mosul , in the seventh day of the campaign to wrest it back from Islamic State (IS). He says it was not clear who carried out the airstrike and that an investigation is underway. Col. John Dorrian, a US military spokesman, said the coalition had "definitively determined" that it did not conduct the airstrike that killed... [Full Article...]

Turkey says barrel bombs used in Syria

American forces are now on the ground in Syria to train opposition fighters, including Kurdish YPG militia fighters operating within the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), according to Army Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend. "The only force that is capable on any near term timeline are the Syrian Democratic Forces, of which the YPG are a significant portion", said Army Lieutenant General Stephen To... [Full Article...]

Trump & Clinton Speak at the Al Smith Dinner

Trump & Clinton Speak at the Al Smith Dinner At that event, Trump said that he will not automatically concede if he loses the election but will "look at it at the time" and keep people "in suspense" in the wake of his frequent charges that the election is "rigged". Trump's comments overshadowed his attempts to diminish Clinton's credibility during the debate. An August AJC poll had Trump leading by 4 points. [Full Article...]

Duke makes stage for final Senate TV debate

Duke makes stage for final Senate TV debate Over the weekend, Dillard University released a statement saying the college "does not endorse the candidacy of any of the candidates who will appear" at the debate. Yet one of the five candidates who'll share the stage will likely be Louisiana's next senator, which is a very big deal. Raycom's poll, conducted Monday to Wednesday, asked 625 registered voters across the state who they would vote ... [Full Article...]

Japan to sanction foreign companies working with North Korea

Japan to sanction foreign companies working with North Korea This is the first known visit by a high-ranking Chinese diplomat since February, when China's top nuclear envoy, Wu Dawei, travelled to Pyongyang. Japan plans to take extra steps to minimize its business transactions with nations that have close dealings with North Korea. [Full Article...]

Candidates clash in battlegrounds as Trump path narrows

Candidates clash in battlegrounds as Trump path narrows He just did what he always did - which is slap his name on it, take credit for it, and promote it. Obama has been trying to tie GOP candidates to GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump at every opportunity. Obama told some 60 donors paying $10,000 a person here Sunday that some of the greatest progress during his tenure came when Democrats controlled both chambers during his first two years. [Full Article...]

Boos drown out laughs as Trump gets nasty at charity dinner

Clinton opened by making light of the concerns about her health: "This is such a special event that i took a break from my rigorous nap schedule to be here", she quipped. "It's wonderful I'm up here after Donald". "And in 2008, John McCain joked about the exalted manner in which the media venerated Obama, noting that "'Maverick" I can do, but "Messiah' is above my pay grade". [Full Article...]

South Africa To Withdraw From War Crimes Court

The proposed move will make South Africa the second country to withdraw from the global court after Burundi. South Africa , which was due to hold a press conference in Pretoria on Friday about the court, would be the first country to withdraw from the ICC. [Full Article...]

NewsAlert: Belgian region: unable to clear EU-Canada trade deal by Monday

The EU has given Belgium until late Monday 24 October, to overcome the resistance to the agreement or risk putting an end to years of negotiations and the possibility of what some experts say could be a 20-percent boost to trade. Andre Antoine, the head of the Wallonia legislature, said on RTL network that "no, it will not be possible" to back the deal today, arguing there are still too many out... [Full Article...]

North Hollywood girl dies; father sets fire, stabs self, police say

North Hollywood girl dies; father sets fire, stabs self, police say Madison could not immediately confirm reports that the suspect is the toddler's father and said investigators were working to determine what caused the child's death and if she was indeed thrown from the apartment window as police initially reported. [Full Article...]

Police ride-along passenger involved in chase shootout

Police ride-along passenger involved in chase shootout The involved officer was not hurt, while a civilian ride along who was in the front passenger seat received minor scratches from broken glass. After a turn, four more rounds were fired from the suspect auto. Police have not announced any arrests, and Smith said they were looking for at least two suspects. The department said earlier that the officer had just finished training and was on his seco... [Full Article...]

Philippines' Duterte sparking distress around the world, says US

Philippines' Duterte sparking distress around the world, says US The firebrand leader argued that unlike the US, China helps him in his crusade and "never criticizes". "I can not do that". But since becoming president Duterte has done a dramatic foreign policy U-turn that has baffled Washington. Since taking office in June, Duterte has had an uneasy relationship with the US and President Barack Obama, as well as other world groupings, including the Unit... [Full Article...]

Strikes in northwest Syria town kill at least 5

Immediately after the ceasefire ended on Saturday evening, "regime forces attempted to advance on more than 10 fronts in the blockaded neighborhoods of Aleppo city", Ahmad al-Halabi, an east Aleppo activist told Syria Direct on Monday. In order to renew the ceasefire, "our opponents must ensure appropriate behaviour by the anti-government groups that in particular sabotaged the medical evacuation ... [Full Article...]

Obama campaigns in Nevada, visits California

Obama campaigns in Nevada, visits California Heck, now in his third House term, is trying to distance himself from GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. The polls show that Hillary Clinton is increasing the gap between her and Donald Trump, and now she's trying to leverage that momentum to make sure her job facing the Congress will be easier. [Full Article...]

Cardinals, Seahawks left in freakish tie after missing chip-shot field goals

Instead of watching a game with an ending, everyone watching got this, one of the NFL's all-time odd ties, which somehow feels about right. That's bad news for head coach Bruce Arians , who has a ton of ground to make up in a Wild Card picture in which he is at least one win behind the entire NFC East. [Full Article...]

Over 70 Killed, 600 Injured In Cameroon Train Crash

The injured were being taken to hospitals in the capital, Yaounde, and the port city where the train was heading, Douala, officials said, as the president declared Monday to be a national day of mourning. Rescue workers are still pulling bodies out of the wreckage, Transport Minister Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo'o, said by phone from Yaounde. President Paul Biya, who is overseas, wrote on his official ... [Full Article...]

Iraq pushes into town near Mosul after IS assault on Kirkuk

Iraq pushes into town near Mosul after IS assault on Kirkuk The battle for Mosul is seen as one of the most significant in the regional and global fight against ISIS, as it is seen as the cultural capital of the militant group's envisaged caliphate, or so-called Islamic State, and is near oilfields that ISIS has used to sell oil illegally and swell its coffers. [Full Article...]

Pak urges UK to push India for talks

He instead maintained that his country had "zero tolerance" for terrorism and did not need "misplaced jingoism and hypernationalism" to pursue its foreign policy objectives. "Unite both areas of Jammu and Kashmir state; and let us be masters of our land and resources", the memorandum stated. Hinting at the case of the 26/11 terrorist Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, he said that Pakistan had put people behin... [Full Article...]

Somali pirate says 26 Asian sailors freed after 4 years

A Taiwanese sailor is on his way back to Taiwan, possibly through Guangzhou in China, following his release from almost five years of captivity by Somali pirates, Tsai Cheng-yuan (蔡正元), executive director of the opposition Kuomintang's Policy Committee, said Sunday. [Full Article...]

Duterte: Separation doesn't mean severing ties with US

When you say severance of ties, you cut diplomatic relations. "I have accepted the offer", Duterte said in a speech at the presidential palace. Mr Duterte, the 71 year-old long time mayor of Davao, has ordered an end to military patrols and exercises with the USA and declared he intends to seek closer relations with both China and Russian Federation. [Full Article...]

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