Beware of flammable costumes which could cause 'life changing burns' this Halloween

Beware of flammable costumes which could cause 'life changing burns' this Halloween According to the National Fire Protection Association, Halloween decorations are the cause of over 1,000 homes fires each year. This weekend will be filled with spooky trick-or-treaters, and on Friday, parents were out getting those last-minute costumes. [Full Article...]

Maduro kicks off Vatican-led talks with Venezuela opposition

The MUD did not immediately have its turn to speak. Congress was expected to take up the issue of Maduro's responsibility for the country's worsening political and economic crisis Thursday. Meanwhile, the lack of agreement with the party founded by imprisoned opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez is, at present, preventing MUD from forming a united front in the talks, opposition officials told EFE. [Full Article...]

DNA sought from weapons cache found near Serb leader's home

DNA sought from weapons cache found near Serb leader's home Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said on October 29 that a tip led officials to the cache, which included a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, hand grenades, and sniper-rifle ammunition. The Balkans remains awash with illegal weapons following the series of wars which took place in the region after the collapse of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. [Full Article...]

Trump takes issue with Clinton's criticism of Putin

Putin also denied he favors Trump over Clinton, calling the campaign narrative "total nonsense" cooked up by the media, but said Trump is still in the running to become president because of the campaign he has run. He said that Russian Federation will adhere to balanced rhetoric in the future, "despite the allegations that often emerge at different levels". The U.S. [Full Article...]

Some Machines Are Flipping Votes But That Doesn't Mean They're Rigged

Some Machines Are Flipping Votes But That Doesn't Mean They're Rigged In addition, any voter who, because of illness or physical disability, is unable to attend his/her polling place or operate a voting machine may apply for an absentee ballot. When 50% or more of the voting machines are not working in your polling place, you have the right to vote by emergency paper ballot If 50% or more of the voting machines in your polling place are out of service, voters are ... [Full Article...]

Obama to return to Florida to help Clinton get out the vote

Obama to return to Florida to help Clinton get out the vote We are stronger together and working together. Michelle Obama's stinging denunciation of Trump after a leaked 2005 video showed him making lewd remarks and bragging about groping women was seen by many as one of the campaign's most striking condemnations of the NY businessman. [Full Article...]

'Walking Dead' star breaks silence on character's death (SPOILER)

After the extremely polarizing finale of the season 6, the highly popular zombie drama did away with two regulars in the season 7 premiere. It isn't clear who here had enough access to post the Maggie cut, or if alternate takes are perhaps intended for future Blu-ray release, given the completed editing. [Full Article...]

SK President in religious cult scandal

The senior presidential advisor on policy coordination has been accused of pressuring conglomerates into donating tens of millions of US dollars into recently established nonprofit foundations controlled by Choi. Despite having no official position and no security clearance, Choi seems to have advised Park on everything from her wardrobe to speeches about the dream of reunification with North Kore... [Full Article...]

Iraq's Shiite militias say thousands join push in Mosul area

Iraq's Shiite militias said Saturday that they had joined the operation to recapture the Islamic State-held city of Mosul, a move that could whip up sectarian and regional tensions in an already complex battle. "But there are villages on the way that need to be liberated before reaching Tal Afar ", Asadi said. The Kurdish Peshmerga said in a statement on Sunday they had cleared at least 28 vi... [Full Article...]

Iraqi forces push into town south of Mosul

The initial advance into the village was blocked by small arms fire and IS snipers. Here is a look at the main developments on the 13th day of the Mosul Offensive. Older boys and men of fighting age were taken off to an unknown fate, they said. "This is easy, because there are no civilians left", he added. Fears are growing for those trapped in the city with some reports suggesting Isis is usi... [Full Article...]

Sunderland set to light up for Diwali

True inclusion happens at the local community level when we're able to celebrate and understand each other's holidays, like Chinese New Year, Christmas, Diwali , and others, through active participation. Happy Diwali to you. Hope this Diwali Festival of Lights brings Wealth, Health and Happiness to you and your family Members. Per a police officer who works with firework permits, resident... [Full Article...]

Australia to ban 'boat people' for life

Australia to ban 'boat people' for life The Turnbull Government is set to get even tougher on asylum seekers, with plans to ban many illegal entrants from ever getting Australian visas of any kind. They have a multibillion-dollar business. Asylum seekers aged under 18 at the time they were sent to Nauru or Manus Island would not be affected by this change. [Full Article...]

Polls: Clinton Ahead in North Carolina; Dead Heat in Florida

Polls: Clinton Ahead in North Carolina; Dead Heat in Florida Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa , on Friday. "I'm not taking all of this big money from all of these corporations like she is doing", Trump said , while bragging about his $100 million investment in his candidacy. [Full Article...]

Italy Struck With Strongest Earthquake In 36 Years

Italy Struck With Strongest Earthquake In 36 Years Central Italy has been on edge this week following Wednesday's two powerful earthquakes, measuring 6.1 and 5.5 on the Richter scale. This morning's natural disaster could be felt as far away as Rome 100 miles away - and was strong enough to set off vehicle alarms both in Rome and Venice. [Full Article...]

Philippine's Deal With China to 'Ease Tensions in the South China Sea'

In a meeting with business leaders in the Chinese capital Beijing last week, Duterte said the Philippines would "separate" from the United States and realign with China and Russian Federation. The Japanese government's willingness to offer economic assistance to the Southeast Asian nation comes against the backdrop of China's aggressive maritime advances in the South China Sea , among other iss... [Full Article...]

Donald Trump Says He'll Teach Military Expert 'A Couple Things' About Mosul

Donald Trump Says He'll Teach Military Expert 'A Couple Things' About Mosul But with every setback, it found new ways to adapt. The battle for Raqqa will overlap with the ongoing fight to push the Islamic State group from its final stronghold in Iraq - Mosul. A key ally in managing any new refugee flows - and monitoring the borders for foreign fighters trying to sneak home - is Turkey, a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation partner, member of the anti-ISIS coalition, an... [Full Article...]

Clocks go back on Sunday

Clocks go back on Sunday What does that mean for us? The mornings will be lighter and the commute to work or trip to school brighter. Some recommend wearing your children out with fresh air and exercise on Saturday, then putting them to bed half an hour later, before attempting to get them to stay in bed half an hour longer on Sunday morning - and then doing the same on Sunday. [Full Article...]

Clinton rallies with Mrs. Obama as Trump alleges corruption

Clinton rallies with Mrs. Obama as Trump alleges corruption The survey shows her leading Trump nationally by a staggering 14 percentage points among likely voters, 51-37. President Barack Obama, one of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's most popular and highest-profile surrogates, will campaign for her in the Jacksonville area on Thursday. [Full Article...]

Bill Clinton's coming back to Cincinnati

Bill Clinton's coming back to Cincinnati He said he believes 20 years into the future, people will give a lot more credit to President Barack Obama for the strength of the economy. Pennsylvania's closely watched Senate race - one of the down-ballot fights Bill Clinton is set to address - remains much closer. [Full Article...]

CAMH Tip Started Investigation Into Woodstock Nurse Charged With Alleged Murders

She was also barred by the court order from visiting any long-term care facility, nursing or retirement home, or hospital unless she needed medical treatment. Wettlaufer would often join their tight little group as they sat on the grass outside the apartment when the weather was nice, chatting the night away, Gilbert said. [Full Article...]

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