FBI boss honored by group with ties to Trump

FBI boss honored by group with ties to Trump The candidates rallied voters late into the night, a frenzied end to a bitter election year that has laid bare the nation's deep economic and cultural divides. As he surveyed the crowd in Scranton, Pennsylvania, he declared, "It's been a long journey". Clinton is seen by markets as the "status quo" candidate for the U.S. [Full Article...]

Michelle Obama makes third Vogue cover appearance

Michelle Obama makes third Vogue cover appearance It doesn't help that she has compounded our feelings of mistrust and disappointment by seemingly plagiarising whole chunks of Michelle's 2008 Democratic Convention speech. "And that's a wonderful gift of freedom". The first lady appeared on Vogue's cover shortly after her husband took office in 2009, and again in 2012. [Full Article...]

U.S. Service Members Killed In Afghanistan

The airstrike triggered protests by the residents in the provincial capital, with the victims' relatives carrying the bodies of victims outside the governor's office. It was not clear whose air force carried out the strikes. President Obama said around 8,400 troops will remain in Afghanistan through the end of his presidency to train and advise Afghan forces, and support operations against terro... [Full Article...]

Oregon police investigating shooting near bridge

People protest against U.S. President-elect Donald Trump in Berlin, Germany, Nov. 12, 2016. Protests are expected to continue in Portland and elsewhere throughout the weekend, though Sgt. Update: In a press release earlier today, McKelvey made clear he and others weren't merely demonstrating against Trump's impending presidency. "The election of a man who has bragged about sexually assaulting... [Full Article...]

Powerful quake strikes near Christchurch, New Zealand

Powerful quake strikes near Christchurch, New Zealand Residents were warned to head inland or for higher ground along the coast. New Zealand has been hit by a powerful 7.8 magnitude natural disaster. "Waves may continue for several hours", it said. The shallow earthquake's epicentre was just 23 kilometres underground, according to the United States Geological Survey . They issued a tsunami warning after a powerful 7.4 quake rocked the country'... [Full Article...]

'Termination clause in N-deal with Japan not binding on India'

'Termination clause in N-deal with Japan not binding on India' This is the Prime Minister's second visit to the country in two years. - For India this is a diplomatic win over China after Beijing blocked India's entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and, more importantly, won over nuetral countries like New Zealand to its side of the argument. [Full Article...]

Melania Trump, Michelle Obama sit down for tea in the White House

The president-elect was accompanied by his wife, Melania, who had a meeting with First Lady Michelle Obama . "I want to emphasize to you, Mr. President-elect, that we now are going to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed then the country succeeds", Obama said. [Full Article...]

Toronto Raptors defeat Charlotte Hornets, 113-111

Walker twice averaged over 17 points per game while shooting less than 40 percent from the field in his career, a feat only accomplished by six other players in the past 10 years. (Unless, of course, he's subtweeting the hell out of Sports Illustrated .) He signed a max deal with the Toronto Raptors because he believes in what they're building , so we can't talk about him getting revenge on h... [Full Article...]

Victor Moses scores twice as Nigeria improve World Cup qualification prospects

Victor Moses scores twice as Nigeria improve World Cup qualification prospects Chelsea forward Victor Moses scored Nigeria's first goal in the 26th minute after a mix up in the Algerian defence. Nabil Bentaleb pulled one back for the Desert Warriors with a screaming strike that left Daniel Akpeyi stranded, before Moses finished off a quick counter-attack late in the game. [Full Article...]

Syrian troops reverse rebel advance west of Aleppo

Syrian troops reverse rebel advance west of Aleppo Syrian government troops and their allies advanced on Friday in a district of western Aleppo captured last month by rebels, a Syrian military source and an insurgent official said. Residents and activists in besieged east Aleppo have spoken of rising prices of food products due to the siege. SANA said the recapture of Dahyeit al-Assad came after a "qualitative" operation that yielded its r... [Full Article...]

President-elect Trump tweets: 'Such a handsome and important evening!'

President-elect Trump tweets: 'Such a handsome and important evening!' Voters want quality jobs, a robust economy and a strong national defense, while restoring America as a global power respected by our allies and feared by our enemies. It was wide-ranging. We talked about some of the organizational issues in setting up the White House. He said he'd told his staff to "keep their heads up" and be proud of the "remarkable work" they'd done. [Full Article...]

Turkey's pro-Kurd HDP party boycotts parliament after arrests

Turkey's pro-Kurdish opposition announced a partial boycott of parliament on Sunday, saying it was "halting its legislative efforts" after its leaders and other lawmakers were detained in a move which drew global condemnation. The nine were placed under arrest after their detention earlier this week. Anadolu reported that party leaders Selahattin Demirtas and Figen Yuksekdag have now been formal... [Full Article...]

Heavy fighting in Mosul as IS hits tank during Iraqi assault

Heavy fighting in Mosul as IS hits tank during Iraqi assault After the Islamic State group was pushed out of the eastern edge of Mosul this week, hundreds of civilians are now trapped on the front lines as Iraqi forces continue the operation to retake the militant held city. The officers spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief the press. Hussein Abd al-Aetar said he packed up his family and set out on foot after a rumor s... [Full Article...]

Obama's final push: Whirlwind 3-state tour for Clinton

Immediately, I received a phone call from an African American listener who said to me, "Why do you always have to bring up race?" More importantly, I told her that I would gladly vote for Alan Keyes, a black leader who ran against Obama in IL, rather than Obama, because race was not the issue for me. [Full Article...]

Trump adviser says Israeli settlements not obstacle to peace

Trump's view that settlement activity should be condemned because it is not the obstacle to peace", said Greenblatt, an executive vice president and chief legal officer of The Trump Organization and co-chairman of the Trump campaign's Israel Advisory Committee. [Full Article...]

Relative calm as humanitarian pause begins in Syria's Aleppo

Gerasimov also said the rebel offensive on the Syrian government-held districts in western Aleppo, which was launched last week, has failed to break through the siege. The Friday cease-fire came as a Russian naval battle group, including the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, approached the Syrian coast. Russian Federation and the Syrian army told rebels in Aleppo on Wednesday to leave ... [Full Article...]

Marijuana Wins! But so does Trump… Blog Cannabis Law Now

Marijuana Wins! But so does Trump… Blog Cannabis Law Now After Tuesday's votes, he noted that more than 60 percent of Americans will now live in states that have approved either medical or recreational marijuana, or both. During the presidential campaign, Trump and Hillary Clinton showed few differences in their positions on marijuana. It took five and a half years, but during that time Russell also was involved in a local effort to get Portla... [Full Article...]

S. Korea says Trump promises to keep alliance

Trump caused consternation during his campaign when he threatened to withdraw the 28,500 United States troops permanently stationed in South Korea unless Seoul paid more for their upkeep. A few members of parliament recommend that the country has little option but to look at nuclear armament if U.S. forces are recalled as North Korea persists in its development of nuclear weapons and missiles that... [Full Article...]

Japan says Abe to meet with Trump next week

Japan says Abe to meet with Trump next week In Tokyo , PM will interact with business leaders and discuss ways to further trade and investment ties. He will also have an audience with Japanese Emperor Akihito. The deal has been important not only because Japan is one of the most important players in the nuclear energy sector but also because some of the American nuclear plant makers have Japanese investments in them and without Japan's c... [Full Article...]

Manila gives Malaysia permission to pursue kidnappers into its waters

Manila gives Malaysia permission to pursue kidnappers into its waters Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak congratulated USA president-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday, saying the Republican victor had appealed to Americans who wanted to see the United States less embroiled in intervention overseas. "Our (Malaysia) economic partnership with the United States will continue", he said when asked had Malaysia's economic focus moved to China rather than the United States. [Full Article...]

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