#OndoDecides: Setback for Jegede as Appeal Court panel adjourns indefinitely

#OndoDecides: Setback for Jegede as Appeal Court panel adjourns indefinitely The PDP had been confident of obtaining a favourable judgment in the case it brought against Ibrahim after he was declared the legitimate a federal high court presided over by Justice Okon Abang . "Your Lordships, I urge you to wait until our appeal is determined before any proceedings can take place". "This appeal and sister appeals are adjourned sine dile to await the decision of the supreme ... [Full Article...]

NATO says 'absolutely confident' of Trump leadership in alliance

Stoltenberg, who has already raised the matter with the Turkish government, is to travel to Istanbul on Sunday for a meeting of lawmakers from across the alliance, joining Erdogan and senior government ministers for the NATO Parliamentary Assembly's annual session. [Full Article...]

Philando Castile's Family and Girlfriend Respond to Officer's Manslaughter Charge

Philando Castile's Family and Girlfriend Respond to Officer's Manslaughter Charge Castile, 32, told the officer he was legally carrying a gun and and paramedics found a loaded pistol in his shorts, but "the mere presence of a firearm alone can not justify use of deadly force", Choi said. Sean Gormley, executive director of the union representing St. Anthony officers, said in a statement to the Times that "it's important to remember that officer Yanez is innocent of these ... [Full Article...]

'Loser' Mitt Romney could be 'phony' Donald Trump's top diplomat

'Loser' Mitt Romney could be 'phony' Donald Trump's top diplomat Donald Trump has had high-level Republicans parading through Trump Tower throughout Thursday morning. During the 2012 presidential debates with President Obama, Romney took the very strong position that Obama did not sufficiently appreciate or respond to the security threat to America from Putin and Russian Federation. [Full Article...]

Suspect identified in death of Saudi student at UW-Stout

Suspect identified in death of Saudi student at UW-Stout Police also say there is no evidence this was a hate crime. According to a statement from police, they've identified a suspect in Hussain Alnahdi's death which occurred on Halloween weekend. His death remains under investigation by Menomonie police. Police say the investigation is ongoing and anyone with information relating to the incident should contact investigator Kelly Pollock at 715-231-... [Full Article...]

Obama to meet Merkel in Germany, top trade partner and ally

Obama to meet Merkel in Germany, top trade partner and ally The historian and columnist Timothy Garton Ash agreed in an editorial for Britain's Guardian newspaper: "I'm tempted to say that the leader of the free world is now Angela Merkel ". White House officials said on Wednesday that during his meeting with Merkel, the outgoing USA president will highlight shared values, thank the German chancellor for her friendship during his eight years in office, an... [Full Article...]

Kerry says cessation of hostilities in Yemen to start Nov 17

The Iran-backed Huthi rebels had agreed to a "cessation of hostilities beginning on November 17, provided the other party implements the same commitment", said Kerry. The war has killed at least 10,000 people, wounded more than 35,000 and displaced at least three million since March 2015, according to the UN. "The government of Yemen is not aware of the statements made by Mr Kerry and does not... [Full Article...]

Kosovo police: Attack on Israel prevented

Kosovo police: Attack on Israel prevented Israel won a World Cup-qualifying match against Albania last week. Police in Kosovo have said officers prevented simultaneous attacks by the Islamic State group, including on the Israeli national soccer team that played in neighbouring Albania . [Full Article...]

Clinton wins New Hampshire's 4 Electoral College votes

Clinton wins New Hampshire's 4 Electoral College votes Boxer noted in a statement that Donald Trump is the fifth candidate in USA history to lose the popular vote and still become president. But who is elected President is determined not by the popular vote, but by the Electoral College. Had he been trying to win the popular vote - this is actually what the president-elect wrote - he would have. Since Michigan now has 14 representatives, this me... [Full Article...]

Trump recognises campaigning is different from governing:Obama

Trump recognises campaigning is different from governing:Obama For months, Obama lent credence to those concerns as he urged Americans to reject Trump. On his trip, Obama is stopping first in Athens , where he'll tour the Parthenon, meet with Tsipras, and give a speech about democracy and globalization that will take on new relevance in light of Trump's election. [Full Article...]

Erdogan urges Turkish businessmen to invest in CPEC projects

German intelligence reports show that the PKK can freely recruit militants in the country even though it is recognized as a terrorist group, a senior Turkish lawmaker said Wednesday. Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they feared for their safety when they return to Turkey . They have petitioned a court against the move, and the students have held protests. [Full Article...]

With India on war against terror, says Israeli President

With India on war against terror, says Israeli President The group of activists also warned against Indian Prime Minister Naredra Modi's reported visit to Israel, saying "there is nothing to celebrate" about the relationship, "neither for the Palestinian people now for Indian citizens who cherish human rights, democracy and peace". [Full Article...]

Obama abandons efforts to pass signature Pacific trade deal

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)-the corporate-friendly trade deal between the US and 11 Pacific Rim nations that sparked progressive outcry over its threats to everything from democracy to digital rights to climate goals -now appears to be "in full-blown cardiac arrest". [Full Article...]

Immigrants demonstrate against Trump as protests continue

This is the fifth day of protests since Trump upset Hillary Clinton in the United States presidential election . However Portland, Oregon was one exception as violence flared there. Police set up barricades in front of some of the most expensive stores in Manhattan as the group made its way along Fifth Avenue. "No fear! Immigrants are welcome here". [Full Article...]

Julian Assange optimistic Sweden will end probe into rape claim

Julian Assange optimistic Sweden will end probe into rape claim Lawyer Jennifer Robinson, who is representing Assange, said that "it is important to remember that he has never been charged and has already been cleared once by the previous prosecutor". Sweden's assistant prosecutor Ingrid Isgren and police inspector Cecilia Redell were present while questions were put to Mr Assange. Following the election, a petition was launched calling on the p... [Full Article...]

Turkey's Erdogan says Belgium a centre for PKK militants and coup plotters

Noting that Ankara's patience "has limits", Erdogan hinted he might hold a referendum on the question of Turkey's accession to the bloc. German delegations have been repeatedly turned away from the base since factions of the Turkish military tried to overthrow the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in July. [Full Article...]

Sanders doesn't rule out 2020 White House run

Both were seen as outsiders who could shake up the system. Clinton's unexpected losses in industrial states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania - as well as the razor-edge race in MI, which CNN has not called -- underscored the view of Democratic strategists who privately complained throughout 2016 that Clinton hadn't found a message that connected with working-class Americans. [Full Article...]

Israel minister says Palestinian state over after Trump win

Although the bill is yet to pass the Israeli parliament, which is called the Knesset, it was already approved by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation on Sunday. The bill will likely be brought to its first reading in the plenum on Wednesday. "There is no precedent, nothing like it, in which the Israeli government authorised a law that allows taking land from private people". [Full Article...]

'Don't be a magician - be magic!' Leonard Cohen dies at 82

Leonard's death was confirmed by Sony Music Canada on his official Facebook page in an official statement which said, "It is with profound sorrow we report that legendary poet, songwriter and artist, Leonard Cohen has passed away ". "I don't feel like a citizen", he said. And the jarring, unforgettable "Story of Isaac", told from the perspective of Abraham's biblical son: "The door it opene... [Full Article...]

FBI Statistics: US hate crimes against Muslims surge 67 percent

FBI Statistics: US hate crimes against Muslims surge 67 percent There was also a rise in hate crimes against other minorities, according to the report . Of those, 59.2% were motivated by a racial, ethnic and/or ancestry bias; 19.7% by a religious bias; 17.7% by a sexual orientation bias; and 3.3% by a gender identity, disability or gender bias. [Full Article...]

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